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Expasyl Retraction Paste 20/pk – Kerr

Expasyl Retraction Paste 20/pk – Kerr

Expasyl, an alternative to a dental retraction cord, is a viscous paste used for all procedures requiring gingival retraction including: impressions, seating of restorations, fitting rubber dams, and restoring class II, III, and V cavities.
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 Expasyl – Kerr

  • Excellent retraction. Physically displaces tissue for superb marginal access.
  • Safe. Minimal pressure required. No danger of rupturing epithelial attachment.
  • Significant timesavings. Places quickly.
  • Comfortable. Much less time and force needed than with packing cord.
  • Hemostatic. Controls bleeding and crevicular seepage.
  • Won't dry out. New foil pouch for the capsules.

Unlike a dental retraction cord, you need little or no pressure to apply Expasyl, which greatly minimises the risk of rupturing the epithelial attachment and enhances patient comfort. Expasyl is extruded directly into the sulcus where it holds its rigidity to create space between the tooth and the tissue, much like a retraction cord. Bleeding and crevicular seepage are controlled through the presence of aluminum chloride, which also shrinks epithelial tissue—further expanding the sulcus.