FlexiTime Bite- Heraeus Kulzer

FlexiTime Bite- Heraeus Kulzer

SKU : 280-66038751

Flexitime Bite is a scannable bite registration material that is suitable for both universal bite registration and also for powder-free optical data recording of the antagonists for CAD/CAM technology, e.g. for fabrication of all-ceramic restorations.
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Manufacturer: Heraeus Kulzer

SKU: 280-66038751

FlexiTime Bite- Heraeus Kulzer 

Flexitime® Bite offers convincing material properties

  • Flexitime Bite is extra-hard and precise. Very high final hardness of Shore D 40 prevents undesirable shifts when adjusting the position of the casts in the articulator.
  • Distinct thixotrophy avoids flowing off from the occlusal surface into the interdental spaces, and enables easy removal from the mouth.
  • It shows a superb scannability for the powder-free 3D data recording of antagonists for CAD/CAM technology.

Flexitime® Bite is very convenient to process
  • Flexitime Bite is extremely fast and features a convenient working time of only 30 seconds plus a fast intraoral setting time of only 30 seconds for an increased patient comfort.
  • The set material is easy to trim and grind with minimum risk of fracture.
  • Its whipped-cream-like consistency assures a resistance-free bite.