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Gelfoam Dental Sponges Size 4 2x2cm 12/Pk. - Pfizer

Gelfoam Dental Sponges Size 4 2x2cm 12/Pk. - Pfizer

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Gelfoam Size 4 by Pfizer is a medical device intended for application to bleeding surfaces as a hemostatic agent. It is a water-insoluble, off-white, nonelastic, porous, pliable product prepared from purified porcine skin, Gelatin USP Granules and Water for Injection, USP. It may be cut without fraying and is able to absorb and hold within its interstices many times its weight of blood and other fluids

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Manufacturer: Pfizer

SKU: 660-09039604005

Gelfoam Size 4 - Pfizer
  • Gelfoam Dental Sponges are sterile, surgical sponges prepared from a specially treated and purified gelatin solution and are absorbable.
  • In oral and dental surgery, Gelfoam Dental Sponges are an aid in providing hemostasis (cessation of bleeding).
  • Gelfoam may be used either dry or moistened, depending upon conditions present at operation and preference of the surgeon.
  • Isotonic saline is suitable for use with Gelfoam. Although not necessary,
  • Gelfoam can be used either with or without thrombin to obtain hemostasis.