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Genoray have spread surgical C-Arms and created innovative diagnosis environment by introducing Portable Dental X-rays. Abundant experience and expertise in X-ray equipment leads our steady improvement and innovation to continuously offer industry leading X-ray equipment.

With mission of ‘Providing better Tools for Diagnosis’; Genoray strive continuously to improve its product and be industry leader. we started business with our technical experts’ will to manufacture the world best product at 2001. Now, we can grade up with enterprises of middle standing which have numerous customers at home and abroad.
We are speeding up now to supply more valuable products by our experiences and technology. We will do our best for manufacturing higher grade C-Arm, image innovation of dental X-Ray as well as smooth spreads of dental CT, industrial X-Ray and more.

Genoray satisfies customers and stockholders, makes all staffs happy when they work, and carries on virtue cycle. Genoray’s night is brightened today to give pleasure to all related people to Genoray.

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Genoray ZEN-PX2 Portable X-Ray System

The ZEN-PX2 Portable X-Ray System from Genoray is light and small with rechargeable battery enables easy shooting and keeping everywhere. Its high performance tube and HFG makes sharp and clear images. Advanced radiation shielding ensures less than 0.13% of allowed doses leak. Ideal to use with digital sensors and chemical film.