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Listerine Cool Mint - J&J

Listerine Cool Mint - J&J

Adding a 30-second rinse with LISTERINE® Antiseptic to your morning and nighttime routines is all it takes to get 24 hour protection against germs that cause plaque and gingivitis.
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Listerine-Cool Mint-J&J Consumer Products-Dental Supplies Listerine Cool Mint - J&J Consumer Products - 1.5 Ltr 6/Ca






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J&J Consumer Products

Listerine Cool Mint - J&J 

  • Was shown in a clinical study to reduce 52% more plaque and 21% more gingivitis than brushing and flossing alone.
  • Is the only nationally branded antimicrobial mouthwash to receive the ADA Seal of Acceptance for fighting plaque and gingivitis.
  • Has over 100 years of safe use and 50 years of research, making it the most widely used and extensively researched mouthwash in
    the U.S.
  • "The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs' Acceptance of Listerine Antiseptic is based on its finding that the product is effective in helping to prevent and reduce gingivitis and plaque above the gumline, when used as directed."