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Permadyne Garant 2:1 Standard Pack – 3M ESPE

Permadyne Garant 2:1 Standard Pack – 3M ESPE

SKU : E760-30412


Permadyne Garant 2:1 Standard Pack Low-viscosity, hydrophilic, thixotropic, snap-setting polyether impression material designed for mixing and dispensing in Garant 2 (gun) system.

Contains: 4 - 50 mL Cartridges and 20 Garant Mixing Tips.

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Manufacturer: 3M ESPE

SKU: E760-30412

Permadyne Garant 2:1 Standard Pack – 3M ESPE


  • Hydrophilic before, during and after the set for unsurpassed accuracy, even in the presence of moisture.
  • Thixotropic: it flows smoothly under pressure in critical areas and remains fixed without pressure.
  • Snap-setting characteristic provides for a rapid transition to the set phase while allowing sufficient working time. This ensures a precise-fitting final restoration without distortion.
  • Polyether material characteristics guarantee impressions of the highest precision.

A light body, polyether tray impression material in the 3M™ ESPE™ Garant™ System that offers high precision impressions. For use in the one-step/two-viscosity technique.

  • Crown and bridge impressions.
  • Inlay and onlay impressions.
  • Functional impressions.
  • Light body syringe material in the easy-to-extrude, automatic Garant dispenser system.
  • Consistent material characteristics, void-free mixing and direct intraoral application with the Garant mixing system.
  • Polyether material guarantees impressions