Relyx Unicem Clicker A2 11gm - 3M/ESPE - Expiration 08.2020

Relyx Unicem Clicker A2 11gm - 3M/ESPE - Expiration 08.2020

RelyX Unicem cement is a dual-curing, self-adhesive universal resin luting cement for adhesive cementation of indirect ceramic, composite or metal restorations. For years, doctors have trusted RelyX Unicem Self-Adhesive Universal Resin Cement from 3M ESPE to deliver a strong bond – without etching, priming or bonding. Now in our award-winning Clicker Dispenser, it eliminates the need for measuring, too, saving even more time.

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Manufacturer: 3M ESPE

SKU: E760-56878-WHS2

Rely-x Unicem Clicker-3M

  • Eliminate the hassle of extra steps and wasted time
  • RelyX Unicem cement there is no need for pre-treatment etching, priming and bonding.
  • Contains: One 11g Clicker Dispenser of cement, technique card and instructions.

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