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Galil dental has been manufacturing diamond burs since 1962. The multi-use burs are made in Israel to top manufacturing standards. Offers reliable cutting precision, superior durability and longevity and optimal concentricity for your intraoral procedures. 

Galil diamond burs comply with ISO 9002 standards and medical device directive 93/42/EEC, are perfectly color coded and are available in extra fine grit through to coarse grit in hundreds of sizes. 

Tested in the United States, and perform better than pricey brand name products like Brasseler, NTI, Two Striper. More professional dental practices are choosing Galil dental for their superior quality and better pricing. 

Galil Diamond Burs 10/pk

Galil Diamond Burs were tested at the most prestigious dental testing facility in the United States, CRA. They were proven to be better than most well known, widely used, brand name diamond burs. (Brasseler, NTI, Two Striper). In lab testing, using “macor” a substance stronger than glass. <br><br> Contains: 10 Diamond Burs per Pkg <br><br> <B><p><font size="3" color="#F87217">DISCONTINUED <br><br> <a href=""> <B><p><font size="4" color="#1974D2"><u> <p style="text-decoration:underline;">Shop MARK3 Blue Streak Diamonds Click Here</p></a></b><p></font> </b><p></font><Br>