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Our high performance mixing tips are exactly what your clinic needs. These genuine Mix-Pac dental mixing tips have been designed with great precision to help make your procedure easier in more ways than one. All of our dental impression mixing tips are made of high-quality and extremely durable materials. Review the range of our oral mixing tips and you will find that we have the best deals online and a quality that will have you returning back for your next purchase. Shop our top impression materials to get the best prices and incredible quality.

Impression Mixing Tips

Mixing tips are formulated for adequate mixing of the impression material components. These mixing tips are a small tool that bears massive results in terms of quality of the mixing, stability and replication of the impression material, resulting in a great fit and contours of the final restoration.

The impression material mixing tips can be used with both the hand dispensing gun and an automatic dispenser system. With the unique internal passages, they allow pathways for the constituents to mix. This results in precise mixing of components at specific ratios as required for the dental impression procedure. Make sure you have copious amounts of tips available and they are compatible with the precise impression product being used.

Our range of inventory includes the following.

  • DYNAMIC YELLOW MIXING TIPS 50/BG - MARK3 – Fit for use with any automatic dynamic mixing units with 380ml VPS Impression material cartridges. They comprise 50 Mixing Tips per pack.
  • HP MIXING TIPS BROWN W/ INTRA – Utilized with Core Materials and comes with 30 HP Mixing Tips along with Intral Oral Tips.
  • PREMIER INTRAORAL TIPS XXF 50-PK – These are extra-fine intraoral tips, available 50 per pack.
  • CROWN AND BRIDGE MIXING TIPS 10:1 BLUE – MARK3’s crown and bridge mixing tips 25 per pack are utilized with cartridges with 10:1 or 4:1 ratio. Ideal to use with Luxatemp Integrity and MARK3 Crown and Bridge Materials.
  • PREMIER COMPCORE AF MIXING TIPS 35-PK contains 35 mixing tips and intraoral tips for use with Premier Compcore Core Build Up.
  • DYNAMIC RED MIXING TIPS 50/PK – MARK3 - These are compatible with all Penta machines and most dynamic machines. They can be compared to 3M's Penta Mixing tips at a fraction of the cost. 50 tips found in a pack.
  • HP MIXING TIPS - MIXPAC contains compatible components and enjoys an established quality of over 10 years in the market. Tested for perfect mixing results, high standard of hygiene and consistent procedural solutions with a great user comfort.
  • INTRA ORAL MIXING TIPS 100/PK - MARK3 – These are utilized for accurate and convenient dispensing. Come in bulk quantity 100/pk keeping you stocked up. They exhibit an innovative color-coding system. Simply match the colored intra-oral tips with the equivalent HP mixing tips and dispense. The intra-oral tips allow easy flow of the impression material into the curvaceous margins of tooth preparations, along with keeping it bubble-free.
  • PREMIER COMPCORE AF MIXING TIPS 35-PK contains 35 cartridge mix-tips and 35 intraoral tips.
  • T-MIXER (SHORT) HIGH PERFORMANCE MIX TIPS 48/PK - MARK3 – The innovative design of the novel, shorter T-Mixer™ generation decreases material waste within the mixing tip by as much as 40% in comparison to the 2K mixing tips. This T-Mixer geometrical technology once again resolutely reforms the mixing tips they comprise 48 tips per bag.


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