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Noble Dental Supplies offers a full restorative line of products including Bulk Fill Composites, Composite Accessories, Curing Lights, Flowable Composites and Universal Composites  that meet the needs of dentists and dental professionals. We offer a select number of name brands such as Opitond by Kerr and Singlebond by 3M/ESPE at exceptionally low prices. But our expertise is in drastically reducing dentist’s costs on supplies with product lines like Silmet and MARK3. Our Silmet line offers dentists the opportunity to purchase products that are highly rated from The Dental Advisor and Dental Product Shopper. Profil Unidose received 4 stars from The Dental Advisor’s panel of experts. Profil Flow received 4.3-stars from The Dental Advisor and Prolink 5th generation bonding received a 4.3-star rating from Dental Product Shopper. Technologically advanced products like Prolink SE (7th generation) and Profil Bulk are also available from this exceptional product line.

Dental Composites Products

Composite dental filling can be categorized by their filler particle shape and size. Manufacturers utilize synthetic glass composite materials with a coating of silane coupling agent to design a restoration with all the desired properties. Composite filler particles come as macro-, micro-, and nanoparticles. At Noble Dental Supplies, the composites in our inventory, offer placement of up to 4 to 5mm increments with increased opacity and esthetics that both clinicians and patients admire. Check our offers for dental posterior restorative products, Noble Dental Supplies have got you covered with quick delivery and free shipping on bulk orders.

Here’s what the best composite restoration materials should offer:

  • Physical Strength and durability. The best quality composites should be highly durable, offering resilience and toughness to absorb the pressure without fracturing.   
  • Composite bond strength and adhesion. Composites need minor natural tooth structure removal for adequate bonding and provide good adhesive properties with the tooth.
  • Esthetic properties. Being a tooth-colored restoration, composite offers great esthetics that amalgam was devoid of. Combined with excellent mechanical properties, this makes composites increasingly in demand for tooth restoration.
  • Wear resistance. Best Composite offers remarkable wear resistance, meaning that it withstands the forces in the mouth without being damaged or deformed.
  • Polish retention. Offering refined polishing properties, great quality is reflected by excellent polish retention. This is offered by our dental restoratives, particularly micro-filled composite.
  • Ease of handling. Its availability in several viscosities offers the desired convenience when manipulating and dispensing composites.

All the properties of composites mentioned above, save you chairside time while retaining the mechanical properties, reduce recurrent complaints and earn patient satisfaction and retention.

Composites and Restoratives

There are 3 primary categories as per handling characteristics in dental composites, each with their unique merits for use in restorations.

Bulk Fills

As its name suggests, bulk fills are dispensed with fewer layers in the restoration. According to the Journal of Adhesive Dentistry, these offer the unique characteristics of increased depth of cure, as opposed to other composite viscosities.1 Improved translucency makes curing possible up to as thick as 4 mm, allowing the curing light to enter into deeper layers. Besides, material enhancement of bulk fills offers similar results as multi-layer composites for adaptability to dentin and marginal gap widths.2

Resin based composites fillings 

The exclusive handling characteristics of dental resin composites allow them to reach the small crevices of the tooth preparation, a property not offered by their denser equivalents. Flowable composites are the clinicians’ choice for lining the restoration bases, mainly in posterior deep preparations. Their self-leveling potential helps them serve as an ideal base. It further prevents voids when packed in bulk in Class II restoration. The Journal of Conservative Dentistry recommends flowable composite for use as pits and fissures sealant, in occlusal caries preparations, minimally-invasive Class II Restorations, and other non-carious lesions.3

Universals composite filling

These composites aren’t denoted by their viscosity or increments. Rather, they are defined by the proposed use. Universal composites generally have micro-hybrid filler particles and offer the widest range of applications. Designed for use in both anterior and posterior restorations, universals aim to provide quality restorations consistently regardless of the preparation size or adhesive system used. They can also be used for direct and indirect restorations. Their strong bond with the dentin makes it great for use as an adhesive primer for indirect restorations.

Offering both excellent functional and esthetic properties, you can use universal composite for every preparation, fulfilling all purposes.

The type of composite to be used depends upon the cavity to be restored, the number of forces, and the esthetic needs of the area. One composite type may be used for anterior restorations and the other for posterior restorations, or a combination of materials for improved longevity and better outcomes.

We offer the best value composite restorative material meeting all your needs and expectations. Our range of inventory includes Bulk Fill Composites, Composite Accessories, Curing Lights, Flowable Composites, and Universal Composites.

Accessory products:

  • Composite Accessories
  • Curing Lights

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