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SurgiCare Earloop Face Masks ASTM Level 3 50/bx Dual Bands Blue - MARK3

NEW from MARK3

SurgiCare Earloop Face Masks from MARK3 offer maximum protection and fluid resistance with 99.98% filtration. The 4/ply design adds an extra layer of comfort and protection, while being highly breathable and non-irritating. Dual Adjusting nose and chin strips provide a great seal.


Fiberglass and Latex Free

Contains 50/bx

2nd Quarter Promotion (ends 06.30.22)

Buy 8 Boxes of MARK3 SurgiCare Level 3 Earloop Masks, Get 2 boxes FREE


Maxso Contra Angle-Smart Slow Speed Attachments - Beyes Dental

Beyes offers multiple types of contra-angle handpieces for your daily treatment needs. Beyes handpieces work perfectly with a common handpiece shank, offering convenience and flexibility for every clinician’s diversified needs. Heads and shanks are all autoclavable at up to 135℃ and highly durable. Handpieces and heads can be sold separately. As a result, you can combine them based on your intended use.

Warranty - 12 Months

2nd Quarter Promotion (ends 06.30.22)

Buy 3 Maxso Contra Angle-Smart Slow Speed Attachments, get 1 Free (Mix & Match any 3. Promotional goods must be of equal or lesser value than the lowest priced item purchased)

Choose from:
A. SL2026 1:1 Push Button (CA Burs)
B. SL2028 1:1 Latch Type (CA Burs
C. SL2034 1:1 Screw-On
D. MT2010 Air Motor, 4 Hole, 20,000RPM
E. ST2010 1:1 Straight Nose Cone
F. SL1002 4:1 Nose Cone, For DPA

From $36.99

Disposable Prophy Angles 500/pk - MARK3

MARK3 Disposable Prophy Angles are a 2nd generation patented technology designed with maximum efficiency in mind, to provide a one angle finish to each prophy procedure. MARK3 Prophy Angles run smooth and effortlessly without overheating. MARK3 Prophy Angles have an ergonomic grip that reduces hand fatigue. 100% latex-free with minimal splatter.

Contains: 500 disposable angles

2nd Quarter Promotion (ends 06.30.22)

Buy 1 500/pk of MARK3 Prophy Angles, Get 1 Free Box of Emamel Care Prophy Paste

From $144.95

MARK3 Temporary Crown and Bridge Material 50ml 10:1 Cartridge

MARK3 Temporary Crown and Bridge material is a powerful and long-lasting material for both short-term and long-term provisional restorations. It has excellent mechanical and esthetic properties which makes it quick and easy to use.

Contains 1- 50/ml (75gm) Cartridge plus 10 Mixing Tips

2nd Quarter Promotion (ends 06.30.22)

Buy 2 MARK3 Temporary Crown and Bridge, Get 1 Free Box of MARK3 Temporary Cement NE Automix

From $99.49


Sterilization Indicator Tape 1/2" 60 Yards 1/bx. - MARK3 - Expiration Date 10.2022

Printed indicator stripes on tape change color when exposed to the steam sterilization process. Specially formulated adhesive adheres to and seals all types of wraps, tubing, pouches, etc. – without the worry of it sliding or “popping off.” Pliable paper surface allows you to write on tape with an indelible pen for easy identification and maintaining better records.
$5.49 $2.25

NeutraVac- Biotrol

NeutraVAC® is a dual-action concentrated cleaner that is pH balanced and formulated to dissolve organic and inorganic debris in dental evacuation systems. This product is also designed for superior compatibility with amalgam separator devices.

From $49.99

Core Build-Up Dual Cure Automix A3 2/pk - MARK3 - Expiration Date 2022.12

MARK3 Core Build-Up is a dual cure, high radiopaque flowable micro-hybrid composite material with nano particle(nano-zirconium, nano-calciumfluoride) for core build-up and cementation of posts.

Contains: 2x5ml (8.7gm) Automix Syringes 10 mixtips, 10 intra-oral mix tips.

Compares to: Luxacore Smartmix, Compcore AF, Cleafil DC Core
$87.95 $55.99

Fortify Glass Ionomer Luting Cement Powder Liquid Kit - MARK3

Fortify Glass Ionomer Luting Cement from MARK3 is an impressive caries-preventive cement that chemically bonds to dentin and helps to prevent breakdown or loss of enamel. It's fluoride release is great for secondary caries prevention.

Indications: Fortify Glass Ionomer Luting Cement is primarily a permanent cementing agent for conventional dental prostheses, it is also a cavity liner, orthodontic band cement and coronal buildup material.

Contains: (1) 100g Powder, (1) 60ml Liquid, (1) Scoop

Compare to: Ketac-cem
$99.99 $59.99

Dentistry Equipment Deals

Ledex LED Curing Light & Caries Detector - Dentmate

Ledex Dental Curing Light & Caries Detector- Dentmate Light Combo- 7 powerful extensive modes OLED display, turbo light guide rod, 7 modes including Low, Ramp, Standard, High, Fast Ortho, Plaque Inspect, Caries Inspect

2nd Quarter Promotion (ends 06.30.22)

$100 OFF Ledex WL-090+ Curing Light - Regular Price $499.99

$499.99 $399.99

Airlight M800 Plus Highspeed Handpiece - Beyes Dental

The new Airlight PLUS is one of the most powerful air-driven handpieces on the market, with up to 25 watts of torque. It is designed to handle up to 60 PSI of air pressure, providing a peace of mind to the operator. The truly innovative built-in micro-generator eliminates the need for a fiber optic system from a dental delivery unit. It is a true leader in the air-driven category with all its advanced features.

Warranty - 1 year

2nd Quarter Promotion (ends 06.30.22)

Buy 3 Airlight M800 Plus Highspeed Handpieces, Get 1 FREE

From $399.99

Beaver Elite 2.0 Ultrasonic Scaler - Dual water bottle system kit - BLACK - Vector USA

Beaver Elite 2.0 Ultrasonic Scaler from Vector USA features a fully self-contained water delivery system. NEW: Digital touch control, Self diagnostics, plug in play handpiece cable for easy replacement, built-in water regulator, water purge function Selector switch allows the user to switch from bottle A to bottle B, doubling the amount of water or allowing one bottle to be filled with an irrigant. Easily refill bottles using the flip-top lid or remove the bottle and the no-leak stopper prevents solutions from leaking onto the counter or floor. The dual-bottle system with selector switch is ideally suited for either water or medicament solution delivery during treatment.

Accepts Both 25K & 30K Inserts

Contains: 2 Position Turbo Boost Foot Pedal, Mount Stand, 2 Water Bottles, Handpiece Holder Mount, Autoclavable Handpiece Sheath.

1 Year Warranty

2nd Quarter Promotion (ends 06.30.22)

Buy 1 Unit get 2 inserts free.

Mix and Match From: BB-IF10-25/ 30k (Standard) BB-IF1000-25/ 30k (Triple Bend) BB-IF100-25/ 30k (Slim-Jim Thin Design)

From $899.99

DURAY Intraoral Sensor Bundle Includes Size 1 & 2 Sensors - Beyes Dental

Introducing Duray Intraoral sensors – a durable, reliable, and affordable digital intraoral imaging solution. With just a 4.4mm profile and a theoretical resolution of 25 lp/mm, image quality is exceptional while ensuring easy positioning and maximum comfort for the patient. Installation is simple and straightforward with a plug-and-play design, and image processing specifications can be customized to meet your practice needs for enhanced diagnosis. Integrate Duray intraoral sensors seamlessly into your practice today and experience sharper, more detailed images with simplicity.
$4,999.99 $4,599.99


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