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Some of the best flowable composites to be found in the dental industry are sold at Noble Dental Supplies. These composite material supplies have been chosen by our team of experts to bring the most suitable range to you at discounted prices. The composite tooth resins that we offer are known for their consistently, great quality and easy to manage packing. From dental composite resin filling materials to other dental composite bonding, you will find that Noble Dental Supplies provides the most dependable products. This is why we are consistently known as the best source for dental resin composite in the industry. Browse our inventory of composites dental products on our site or call us today to help you place your order.

Flowable composites

Noble Dental supplies is renowned to deliver the top-notch flowable resin composites available in the dental industry. The highest quality composite material supplies are handpicked by our panel of experts to bring you the ideal variety of products at amazing prices.

Our compound materials are dentists’ recommended tooth resins, recognized for their perfect consistently, remarkable quality, and conveniently managed packing. We are at your disposal to supply you with reliable products from dental filling materials and accessories. This is the reason why Noble Dental Supplies consistently stands at the top of the dental industry suppliers, serving as the best source for resin composites. 

Features and benefits of Flowable Composites 

  • Exhibit less polymerization shrinkage
  • Have exceptional esthetic properties 
  • Do not ooze or slump 
  • Ideal for minimally invasive restorations 
  • Have a low viscosity 
  • Are supremely versatile 
  • Offer high polish retention & stable color match 
  • Most have durable fluoride release 

What can Flow Composites at Noble Dental Supplies be used for?

You can use Flowable Composites for the following purposes.

  • Class III, Class V, and Smaller Class IV restorations 
  • Base/liner in Class I & Class II restorations 
  • Repair of resin, porcelain, and acrylic temporary materials 
  • Pit & fissure sealant 
  • Restoration of minimally invasive cavity preparations 
  • Undercut Blockout
  • Veneering of discolored anterior teeth
  • Splinting of loose teeth
  • Reconstruction of traumatized anterior
  • Anchorage of orthodontic appliances

Noble Dental Supplies Inventory

Our range of flowable composites includes the following.


ProFil Flow Flowable Dental Composite by Silmet is a light cured restoration. It’s unique for its outstanding working properties - strength and stiffnessand color stability. The excellent flowable consistency characteristics make Profil Flow an ideal composite for filling cavities. Profil Flow offers high compressive and tensile strength.

Restorative material Profil Flow is a radiopaque, light-cured restoration composite based on BIS-GMA and TEGDMA resins and silica filler.


ProFil™ Flow SE is a flowable composite that can be light-cured. It is a self-etching material that is self-adhesive and radiopaque. Its flowable consistency eliminates the need for separate bonding thus, reducing steps and saving you time. What’s more? It comes with a PROMOTION Buy 2 ProFIl Flow SE and gets 1 absolutely free!

Its 3-in-1 feature offers Light-cure, Self-adhesive and Flowable characteristics. The merits of adhesive and restorative technology are combined with an easy and straightforward technique. Hence, it provides a simplified direct restorative technique. This material has strong bond strength, it is easier to use and safer. It also serves as the perfect restorative material for pediatric patients.

Other products include: