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Low cost dental supplies

We have been serving the global dental community since 1978. Over the last 44 years, we have seen the challenges that dentists and the dental supply community have faced in finding high quality, affordable dental products. Name-brand manufacturers of dental supplies have become expensive, increasing the cost of their products every year regardless of the income of dental practices.
For these reasons, we have used our extensive knowledge in sourcing to bring dentists high-quality dental supplies across a wide range of categories that are 30-50% below the expensive name-brand dental supply products.

Our History

Our corporate office was founded in 1978 by Carol and Gus Markiet out of their home in Pomona, New York. They are well respected in the dental industry, delivering what they promise: honesty, trust and reliability.

Carol and Gus Markiet's 3 children come into the business. Our focus then changed from exporting supplies for dentists to selling domestically across the United States and Canada.

We launched our retail division, Dental Deals, and began selling low-priced high-quality dental supplies online directly to dentists.

We relocated to Congers, New York to a 15,000 square foot facility to accommodate our fast-growing dental supply business. In the same year, we launched the Dental Deals Online website. Our website has brought us thousands of customers. But it is our values, instilled in us by our parents 38 years ago - honesty, trust, and reliability that have kept our satisfied customers loyal.

We rebranded Dental Deals Online to Noble Dental Supplies. Why the name change? Dental Deals Online was always a promise to our customers more than a classic brand name: fantastic deals on dental supplies for dentists nationwide. Online commerce has matured over the last decade, and we realized it was time to modernize our brand presence as well. So instead of a descriptive but impersonal name for our business, we have updated our name to Noble Dental Supplies to reflect our family-driven integrity: honesty, trust, and reliability.