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The bite registration material that we offer at Noble Dental Supplies is of prime quality. Our inventory of bite registration compound has been chosen to provide the most optimal procedure and ensure success. All of the bite registration materials have been developed by leading companies with exceptional developments and testing procedures. In terms of pricing, we have ensured that the lowest deals are made available to you throughout all types of dental impression materials. Order simply, securely, and have your products delivered to your address promptly.

Bite registration

Bite Registration impression materials record the occlusal relationship between
maxillary and mandibular arches, establishing a precise articulation and
rapport. Noble Dental Supplies offers light and heavy body impression materials for constructing accurate casts.
Unique selling points of our inventory of bite registration compounds include the following.
⦁ Provides the convenience of use and ensures success
⦁ All products have been formulated by leading dental impression material manufacturers with high standards of production and testing procedures.
⦁ We offer the lowest prices and discount offers throughout our inventory.
⦁ Simple ordering steps, secure payment and prompt product delivery right at your doorstep.

Our product range includes:

  1. Bite Registration Vps 2/Pk 50ml – MARK 3’s Bite
    Registration is formulated as a mousse-like and fluffy material employed for conventional bite registration of the patient. This product exhibits excellent accuracy and plaster-like hardness. You can conveniently depend upon this material for precise results and consistent stability with no slump consistency
  2. Bite Registration Vps 50ml Bulk 100/Pk – Besides bite registration, it can be suitably used for the following purposes:
    • Copying transfers
    • Digital impressions
    • Primary impression with bite tray
      Note: It comes with 100 cartridges per pack of 50 ml each, eliminating the need of repeated shopping.
  3. Flexitime Bite- Heraeus Kulzer – Serves as a scannable bite registration material, apt not only for universal bite registration but also for recording powder-free optical data recording of the CAD/CAM’s antagonists, for example, for fabricating all-ceramic restorations.
  4. Exabite II Nds 50ml - GC America – GC America’s Exabite II NDS is a value-added, Vinyl Polysiloxane (VPS) impression material developed specifically for bite registration. Its improved quality makes it easy to handle allowing you to have accurate impressions. 
  5. Max Bite Bite Registration 2/Pk – It is a medium-bodied Vinyl Polysiloxane (VPS) material for bite registration. It exhibits extremely high final Shore A hardness and sets fast intraorally with adequate retention and flexibility making it suitable for easy trimming and
    cutting. With its exceptional handling characteristics, MAX Bite allows you to get an accurate occlusal registration in the first go.
  6. Max Bite Bite Registration Hard – It essentially gives you the opportunity for accurate occlusal registration due to its exceptional handling characteristics in the first attempt. It has a high tear strength to resist the applied forces while removing, thus maintaining integrity
  7. Max Bite Bite Registration Mint – Fast and Super-Fast Set VPS, medium-bodied impression material, comes in several flavors including mint, and chocolate chip for a pleasant experience for the patient. 
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