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At Noble Dental Supplies we offer some of the best dental alginate material to be found in the industry. We understand that quality is of prime importance. If the final alginate castings are not precise, the entire procedure can go south. You will find that all of our alginate impression material has been chosen with great consideration for character of the material. We have taken the precautions to make sure that these alginates have been tested and are known for their prompt results. Buy alginate from our current discounted inventory and allow us to set you up perfectly for providing the best all around alginate casting to your patients.

The use of Alginate as impression material

Tear or deformation in alginate impressions may lead to inaccurate gypsum casts which form the preliminary foundation for prosthetic appliances. Hence, strength coupled with elasticity are the fundamental characteristics that determine the quality of alginate impression materials. Our products combine these features for a precise impression and excellent fit of final appliances.

Perks of Alginate Impression Material

Provides consistent mix

Dental impression alginate powder with the right amount of water, offers great quality and consistent mix, every time.

Quick setting material

Mark3 alginate impression material exhibits faster mixing –saving you time and quick setting – reducing chances of gag reflex and providing better patient comfort.

High tear and compressive strength

Does not tear or compress during manipulation and handling. This denotes reduced risk of deformation and tearing, giving it a high dimensional stability.
Buy alginate impression material from our inventory of reliable products which include:
1. ALGINATE DUSTLESS FAST SET 1.1-LB- - It has a high algin content, giving it a consistent mix and forms very smooth models. Its high tear strength prevents tearing during removal from the undercuts. This product has a fast mixing time, making it convenient to use for the dentist. It does not slump and has a faster setting, delivering comfort for the patients.
2. MARK3 ALGINATE SUBSTITUTE F.S 50ML - Vinyl Polysiloxane impression material that serves as an alternate for alginate to give you a precise replica. Its excellent dimensional stability allows it to retain its accuracy with minimal risk of distortions. Its fast-set property and pleasant mint flavor make it comfortable for both dentist and patient.
3. KROMOPAN ALGINATE DUSTLESS FAST SET 1-LB – This is a new and innovative chromatic material that directs when to spatulate, load and insert the material in the patient’s mouth – guiding the clinician on every step. It is the dentists’ top choice of alginate dental impression materials and its mint flavor the most comfortable for the patient.
4. SUPERGEL FAST & REGULAR SET 1LB CAN – This premium blend of alginate impression allows convenient mixing with a creamy and smooth consistency. Comes in both Regular- and Fast-set forms.
5. SUPERGEL FRESH ALGINATE FAST – It is an all-around Dustless Alginate with fewer airborne particles when manipulating. It offers consistent, precise, and bubble-free replications. Its pleasant cherry-berry flavor, controlled flow, and gag reflex provides better patient acceptance.
6. TAC ADHESIVE SPRAY 3.5OZ 3.5OZ/BT – This tray adhesive compound comes in easy to usespray cans or brush-on liquids, to be used with alginate impression materials. Its great strength firmly grips the alginate in the tray during removal from the patient’s mouth. It is alcohol-based, hence allows for faster drying and convenient cleaning.
7. HOLD ALGINATE ADHESIVE- WATERPIK –The Tray Adhesive offers extra convenience and confidence. Comes as a liquid or aerosol spray. It is not recommended for usage in combination with the elastomeric impression materials.
• This VPS Initial Impression Material is perfect for all indications of alginate use. It exhibits convenient handling & precision in comparison to other alginate products. Shop all of our dental impression supplies, at better prices.