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Kerr Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Sybron Dental Specialties, is a global manufacturer of premiere dental products sold both domestically and internationally that define the industry standard. Since 1891, Kerr Corporation has been developing and manufacturing dental products that are used in every dental restorative procedure today, serving clinicians world wide. As Kerr Corporation advances aesthetic dentistry through education and sustainable solutions based on clinician input, the name Kerr Corporation has become synonymous with integrity for dental professionals worldwide. Noble Dental Supplies distributes discounted Kerr Corporation products with a mutual goal of improving the health and beauty of patients globally.

Optibond Solo Plus Unidose 100/pk Refill - Kerr

Optibond Solo Unidose Refill by Kerr is the gold standard, employing a single-component primer/adhesive in combination with Kerr’s phosphoric acid gel etchant. This single-component adhesive is designed for both direct and indirect bonding applications. <br><br> Contains: 100 per package <br><br>

Sealapex - Kerr

Sealapex is a non eugenol calcium hydroxide. Kerr Sealapex root canal sealer provides healing and hard tissue formation. Complete kit. Ingredients for Sealapex. Catalyst Isobutyl salicylate resin, fumed silica ( silicon dioxide ), bismuth trioxide, titanium dioxide pigment. Base N-ethyl toluene solfanamide resin, fumed silica ( silicon dioxide ), zinc oxide, calcium oxide. <Br><Br> Contains - 12g Tube Base, 12g Tube Catalyst, Mixing Pad

TempBond Temporary Cement- Kerr

TempBond™ is a temporary cement for trial cementing restorations or cementing temporary crowns and bridges. TempBond and TempBond™ NE are available in automix syringe, tube delivery and Unidose. Temp-Bond withstands mastication, seals the temporary restoration and prevents seepage, yet affords easy removal when desired. Temp-Bond NE is a non-eugenol temporary dental cement that will not inhibit the polymerization of permanent resin cements and acrylic temporaries. Resin-based Temp-Bond™ Clear with Triclosan is the most translucent provisional cement in the market, ensuring superior esthetics. Available in a convenient automix syringe, it offers a dual cure for added security and flexibility, ease of handling, excellent mechanical retention, and easy removal from preparations. <br><br>

Tubliseal Root Canal Sealant - Kerr

Tubli-Seal™ is a zinc oxide eugenol root canal sealer light in color, nondarkening and radiopaque.

Tubliseal Root Canal Sealant - Kerr - Expiration Date 12.2024

Tubli-Seal™ is a zinc oxide eugenol root canal sealer light in color, nondarkening and radiopaque.