Periodontal Probe #12 - J&J Instruments

Periodontal Probe #12 - J&J Instruments

SKU : 854-16-512

Periodontal Probe #12 by J&J Instruments.

It is essential that the tips on a periodontal probe be polished to a smooth and fine finish. This is to assure ease and comfort in subgingival access. These tips must have clear precise and consistent markings to provide an accurate diagnosis. Once these properties are crafted onto every probe tip they are affixed to a handle with the heft and knurling that enables the clinician to enjoy a tactile sensitivity in every procedure. Our color coding process employs an electro-etching technique that yields markings that are easily discernable and long lasting.

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Manufacturer: J&J Instruments

SKU: 854-16-512

Periodontal Probe #12 - J&J Instruments

  • Tips polished to a smooth fine finish
  • Clear precise and consistent markings
  • Affixed with heft and knurling
  • Tactile sensitivity
  • Color coding applied by electro-etching
  • Markings are easily discernable and long lasting