Scaler #204S Silk Handle - J&J Instruments

Scaler #204S Silk Handle - J&J Instruments

SKU : 854-95-204

Scaler Silk Handle by J&J Instruments.
Compare J&J scalers with the best in the industry and you will immediately recognize we are equal in every way but one.....Price! Apples to Apples. J&J Scalers compared to the industry leaders. Note the deep precesion knurling for a better tactile feel. Same high grade German 440A stainless steel tips.The same 9.5mm diameter for easier handling. Same light weight(under 20 grams) for less hand fatigue. Same professional craftsmanship. Surpassing the highest industry standards. J&J Instruments are manufactured within the guidelines of the FDA quality assurance system for good manufacturing practices and the J&J factory is ISO 13485 certified. All J&J products bear the CE mark, emblematic of the European communities highest standards.

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Manufacturer: J&J Instruments

SKU: 854-95-204