A6 Patient Chair - Flight Dental Systems

A6 Patient Chair - Flight Dental Systems

SKU : 756-A6-E

The A6 Patient Chair from Flight Dental Systems features a hybrid drive mechanism, with a hydraulic base drive mechanism made in Japan and a electromechanical backrest drive mechanism, it creates the smoothest and most comfortable patient experience available. In addition, with the high density memory foam upholstery it provides the ultimate patient experience. The A6 Patient chair also features a thin backrest and seatrest for easy operator access and reduced obstruction from bulky upholstery and cushions.

A6 Chair Upgrade Options

Ultraleather Upgrade for A6 Patient Chair, Flight Deluxe Foot Control, Flight A6 Chair Mounted Bracket 2” post, Replacement Upholstery- Specify color, 40" Light Post for 2" Post bracket (Fit only Flight Lights), Custom Upholstery Color (Naugahyde, Morbern), A6 Touchpad Control Mounted to Chair (Specify Left/Right Side), Flight Torch LED Light Post Mounted, A6 Junction Box Frame, Cover, Utilities and Umbilical (3.5'), Upgrade from TRAD-2001 or TRAD-2002 Delivery Unit Heads to Continental (Uphung) Delivery Systems

Warranty: 5 Years

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Manufacturer: Flight Dental Systems

SKU: 756-A6-E

A6 Patient Chair - Flight Dental Systems

The A6 Patient Chair is a compact, ergonomic and modern dental chair. It features a hybrid lift system that combines a strong hydraulic base and a quiet electromechanical back motor that allows a smooth synchronized movement of the chair to deliver faster patient positioning.

In addition, the thin backrest and contoured base plate allows the user optimal maneuverability and access to the oral cavity. The ergonomic design of the chair allows you to work efficiently at 9, 10, 11 or 12 o’clock positions without any obstructions. Available in 12 Upholstery Colors.

Product Features

  • Hydraulic motor with 380mm as the lowest position capability of the chair.
  • Dual 180 rotatable arms allows for convenient placement of cuspidor and tray units for doctor and assistant.
  • Thin backrest provides the optimal space and access for the dentist and close positioning to the patient.
  • 12 seamless or plush upholstery colors.
  • 2 programmable chair position settings to make the work more efficient for the dentist.
  • Synchronized backrest and seat movements to provide the most comfortable patient seating
A6 Patient Chair (Standard Features)
  • Hydraulic Base and Electromechanical Back Rest
  • Seat Height 13.7” to 29.5” (350 to 750mm)

  • Backrest Reclining Angle -5° to 64°

  • Electronic Deluxe Foot Control: 2 Programmable positions, Auto-Return and Last Position

  • Input Voltage (110v or 220v)