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Adper Prompt L Pop Self Etch Adhesive 100/pk - 3M ESPE

Adper Prompt L Pop Self Etch Adhesive 100/pk - 3M ESPE

Adper Prompt L Pop Self Etch Adhesive by 3M ESPE is the only one-step, unit-dose, self-etch adhesive available. Prompt L Pop is now improved to better meet your bonding needs. 3M ESPE Adper Prompt L-Pop Self-Etch Adhesive offers easier activation for a more consistent, reliable mix and improved chemistry for better dentin bond strength. It also provides an aggressive enamel etch, and a higher viscosity that allows for a more uniform, consistent layer. Plus, it's self-etching to reduce post-operative sensitivity.

Contains: 100 per pack

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Manufacturer: 3M ESPE

SKU: E760-41926

Adper Prompt L Pop Self Etch Adhesive - 3M ESPE: 

  • Bonding agent with unique packaging that combines all necessary components into a disposable unit-dose applicator.
  • The bonding agent components are stored in two separate foil reservoirs. Upon squeezing the first reservoir, the liquid moves into the middle reservoir containing a second liquid; it is mixed and activated then squeezed again into the third reservoir where it coats the microtipped applicator.
  • A yellow tint to the bonding agent indicates proper activation.
  • The adhesive is then applied to the tooth surface and rubbed with moderate pressure for 15 seconds.
  • A gentle stream of air is directed at the tooth to thoroughly spread the adhesive into a thin film.
  • The surface appears glossy and is then light-cured for 10 seconds.
  • Adper Prompt L Pop Self-Etch Adhesive is available with regular or extra-small applicators.
  • Twenty-five consultants evaluated Adper Prompt L Pop Self-Etch Adhesive in over 670 restorative cases. This product received a 91% clinical rating.