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Bosworth is a woman-owned company committed to the highest level of quality and performance for all dental products manufactured. Bosworth prides itself in continually staying at the brink of dental technology, developing top-quality products, with the best service and value. After 100 years, Bosworth continues its ability to grow and innovate within the dental industry. Noble Dental Supplies is a top distributor for Bosworth and their line of innovative, top-performing dental supplies at discounted prices, while sharing their commitment to customer care.

Tray Aways Disposable Impression Trays 12/bg - Bosworth

Tray Aways® - The Original Plastic Tray! Updated throughout the years, used not only in dental but also implant. <br><br>

New Truliner® PEMA Denture Corrective Relining Material - Bosworth

New Truliner® PEMA Denture Corrective Relining Material was developed to restore a denture’s original fit in as little as 10 minutes. Color stable and a high density surface guarantee greater patient satisfaction. <br><br>

Original Truliner® - Bosworth

Original Truliner PMMA Denture Corrective Relining Material is formulated to last the life of the denture. The extremely fine-milled powder cures to a dense consistency and prevents the reline from assuming odors, tastes, or stains. <br><br>

Softone™ Tissue Conditioner & Reline - Bosworth

Softone™ Denture Acrylic Treatment is a tissue conditioner and functional impression material that conditions, massages and rehabilitates damaged tissue before a new denture rebase or final reline. Softone´s unique flow and natural give stimulate the natural healing process and restore tissue to a sound physiological state. Softone™ also allows the denture to stay in the mouth throughout the treatment period. <br><br>

Supergel Fast & Regular Set 1lb Can- Bosworth

Supergel® is a premium blended alginate impression material that mixes readily to a smooth, creamy consistency. <br><br> Contain (1) 1-lb canister <br><br>

Supergel Fresh Alginate Fast & Regular Set 1lb -Bosworth

Supergel Fresh Dustless Alginate has all the benefits of our traditional Supergel alginate but is a dust-controlled formula for less airborne particles when opening and mixing. Its slower dehydration and low surface tension provides consistent, accurate, bubble-free detailed reproductions. Pleasing cherry-berry flavor, controlled flow, heavy body, and gag reflex reduction will provide greater patient acceptance. <br><br>

TAC Adhesive Spray 3.5Oz 3.5oz/Bt - Bosworth

TAC™ is a tray adhesive compound available in convenient spray cans or brush-on liquid for use with alginate impression materials. TAC™ securely holds the alginate in the tray when the impression is removed from the patient’s mouth. TAC™ is alcohol-based for faster drying and easier clean-up and can be dissolved with Isopropyl Alcohol. <br><br>