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ClikStik Universal Sensor Holder System - ClikRay

ClikStik Universal Sensor Holder System - ClikRay

SKU : 950-001-220


The ClikStik™ system is a fully autoclaveable, twin head holding system for use with ANY x-ray film or digital sensor bite blocks. One system can take anterior, posterior and bitewing views with a simple straight rod and one single ring. The variable rod allows the ring to be placed as close to the cheek as possible without interference for increased accuracy. Perfect for use with handheld x-ray units. A complete series of radiographs has become a simple one ring process, saving time and money for every office.

Contains: 1 ClikRing, 1 iRod and 2 ClikStiks

The ClikStik™ is compatible with ALL biteblock manufacturers such as RINN™, Flow™’, Schick ™, Dexis™ and others with just one instrument, one ring and one simple rod.
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Manufacturer: ClikTech - ClickRay

SKU: 950-001-220