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For past 10 years Confirm Monitoring Systems has been the leading provider of biological monitoring services in North America. Now along with the acquisition of Confirm Monitoring Systems by Crosstex International Inc., a global leader in the design and manufacturing of sterilization packaging, these two market leaders make the practice of healthcare safer. Noble Dental Supplies is a proud distributor for the Confirm Monitoring Systems and Crosstex Internal Inc. duo and offers discounted prices to our customers.

BluTab WaterlineTablets - Confirm Monitoring Systems

BluTab is specially formulated to be continuously present in your water lines and to keep lines clean. An effervescing tablet is added to a self contained water bottle each time it is refilled. Weekly shock treatments are not necessary. Purging water lines at the end of the work day is not necessary. Achieving clean water can really be that easy. <br><br> Compare to Purity Waterline Cleaner. <br><br>