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Cory Laboratories prides itself in offering the highest level of exceptional, innovative and quality dental products. As a highly specialized research, development and manufacturing company, Cory Laboratories focuses on providing specialty powders, liquid mixing, tableting and customized cosmetic product blends. Noble Dental Supplies carries a line of discounted dental products and supplies by Cory Laboratories.

Evac Shock Evacuation Cleaner 32oz. - Cory Labs

Evac Shock Evacuation Cleaner by Cory Labs is an efficient and effective Dental Evacuation Line Cleaner. This cleaner is lemon scented, non-foaming, and comes in easy to use pre-measured quantities. It's also a safe product given that it’s biodegradable, non-acidic, non-corrosive, and has level 1 biosafety. <br><br> Compares to: Purevac by Dentsply, Biotrol by Vacusol, Vac Attack from Premier. <br><br>

Evac Shock Tablets 64/bx - Cory Labs

Evac Shock Tablets by Cory Labs is a high-performing enzymatic cleaner for chairside evacuation systems. <br><br> Contains: 64 Tablets.

Pro One Sonic Tablets Ultrasonic Cleaner 80/bx - Cory Labs

Pro-One Sonic Tablets Ultrasonic Cleaner from Cory Labs is the most effective bio-enzymatic tablet on the market. This tablet will degrade complex organic compounds that are non-degradable by conventional protease enzymatic formulations.

Purity - Waterline Cleaning Tablets 80/bx - Cory Labs

Purity Waterline Cleaner by Cory Labs is an effective and safe cleaning tablet to keep your waterlines clean. These tablets are comprised of natural preservatives for persistent cleaning of self-contained water systems. This powerful yet affordable waterline cleaner is the perfect way to ensure your lines stay fresh! <Br><Br>

Stain Out - Tartar and Stain Remover Tablets 40/bx - Cory Labs

Stain Out - Tartar and Stain Remover Tablets by Cory Labs are fast and easy to use. The combination of the best procedural standards and high quality formulation produces a very effective product designed to meet all your clinical needs <br><br> Contains: 40 Tablets per box.