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DMG America is dedicated to helping dental clinicians produce the most realistic and reliable restorations possible. This is achieved through an ongoing commitment to research, development, and testing via DMG America’s strategic alliance with DMG, which perpetuates the company’s 25-year legacy of advanced innovation and superior quality. DMG America’s unwavering dedication to providing clinical education and training ensures that its restorative products are in skilled hands, thus delivering optimal patient outcomes.

Luxacore Z Dual Cartridge & Smartmix - DMG

LuxaCore Z Dual, DMG’s premium composite for core build-ups and post cementation, provides dentine-like cuttability to ensure a controlled and a precise preparation of the margin. The transitions between dentine and LuxaCore Z Dual is imperceptible and allows for groove-free preparations without any undercuts. <br><br>

Luxaflow Ultra - DMG

LuxaFlow Ultra is the ideal add-in resin for use with Luxatemp Ultra. <br><br> Contains: (2)- 1.5g Syringes, w/10 tips. <BR><BR>

Luxatemp Automix Plus - DMG

Luxatemp Automix Plus by DMG for Temporary crowns and bridges, inlays and onlays, veneers and long term temporaries. <br> <br> Compare to: MARK3 Crown and Bridge

Luxatemp Ultra Cartridge 76gm- DMG

Luxatemp Ultra makes it fast and easy to craft temporaries that fit precisely, thanks to its superior handling characteristics. The material has optimal flow characteristics, cuts and handles easier, and cures faster. Convenient Automix and Smartmix systems simplify the mixing and the application process. <br><br>

TempoCem NE Smartmix Kit - DMG

TempoCem NE Smartmix Temporary Cement is a gentle, patient friendly, eugenol-free formula for the cementation of provisional restorations, or for cementing final restorations during a "try-in" period, delivered in the new Smartmix handheld syringe. <br><br> Contains: (2) x 5ml Syringes, (10) Smartmix Tips