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The Flow Dental lineage is almost as long as the history of modern dentistry. Harry Wolf founded the company as Wolf X-ray in 1931. At the time its dental product portfolio was limited primarily to x-ray mounts and viewboxes. Over the years, the company expanded its service to dental professionals, increasing its manufacturing capabilities to include a wide array of high-quality, competitively priced imaging products. In the mid 1970’s, under the second generation of Wolf family ownership, the original company split into two entities: Wolf X-ray for the medical market and Flow X-Ray for the dental market. With its new focus on dentistry, Flow X-Ray again expanded its product line to include dental x-ray film in paper packets. In the 1980’s, the company developed a soft, flexible vinyl packet x-ray film that quickly became the second best selling film sold in the United States. Panoramic films, film positioners (including the popular RAPD system), lead protective aprons, and many more essential products later joined the Flow X-Ray catalog. In recent years, Flow acquired the HDX DC X-Ray machine from the DentalEz Company and launched the EnVision DC, a next-generation digital imaging machine with many innovative features. Most recently, Flow expanded its product portfolio with a new line of Perfect Pocket X-ray Mounts, two convenient phosphor plate products (Safe’n’Sure barrier packets and the SMART Positioning System) and new Comfee’s sensor sleeves. Now under the third generation of Wolf family ownership, Flow X-Ray is changing its name to Flow Dental. This signals the company’s plans to expand beyond imaging – to bring to dental professionals an even more comprehensive catalog of products, all with the same quality and reliability that they have come to expect from Flow X-Ray. Despite the new name, the company’s focus remains dental imaging, and its core values remain firmly in place: 'the needs of every customer are Flow’s number one priority; quality and reliability are guaranteed with every product shipped.' In 2006, the company moved to a new, 60,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Deer Park, New York. At this state-of-the-art new headquarters, Flow Dental and Wolf X-Ray are committed to continue to serve the needs of dentists, radiologists and other dental professionals worldwide. Noble Dental Supplies is proud to be a part of the movement as a discounted distributor for the company.

Comfee's Deluxe Sensor Sleeve Medium 500/Bx - Flow X-Ray

Comfee’s sleeves are the best way to protect your valuable digital sensors and maximize their effectiveness. Comfee’s are made from soft, supple vinyl with a unique textured design that reduces surface resistance, so sensors slide in effortlessly. Rounded corners and seams without rough edges (like other sleeves) improve patient comfort. Quick, tear-away design makes removing the sensors quick and easy. <br><br>

DV-58 X-Ray Film #2 150/bx - Flow X-Ray

DV-58 #2 - Flow X-Ray intraoral X-ray films offer a combination of exceptional image quality, innovative features and economy found in no competitive products. <Br><br> Contains: 150 per box <br><br>

RAPiD Positioning System – Kits - Flow X-Ray

The RAPiD (Right Angle Positioning Device) from Flow is the original color-coded film positioner for intraoral dental x-ray film <br><br>

Safe & Sure Deluxe Phosphor Storage Plate (PSP) Barrier Envelopes 300/bx - Flow Dental

The best PSP envelope you can buy! Our Deluxe Safe'N'Sure now features our unique EZ-GLIDE loader / sealer! The E-Z GLIDE lets you slide your plates into the envelope. No muss, no fuss. Then when you peel off the loader's tab the bag virtually seals itself! How's that for easy? Ready for processing? Our unique center seam lets you tear open the envelope and feed your plate into the reader without ever touching it! Available in sizes 0,1,2, and 3 <br><br>

Smart System Cassette - Flow X-Ray

SMART (Safely Manage Align Recover and Transfer) system makes using phosphor plates just as easy, familiar and convenient as film. It combines the protection of a barrier envelope with a parallel positioner and aiming ring. <BR><BR>

SUPA Disposable Bite Blocks 100/Bx - Flow X-Ray

SUPA Disposable Foam Film Holder, soft, easy to use, single use film postioner, box of 100 (Comparable to Dentsply Rinn Stabe positioner).

Uni-Verse-All Kit - Digital Sensor Positioning Kit - Flow Dental

The Uni-Verse-All Kit from Flow Dental is the first truly universal sensor positioner. Uni-Verse-All's unique sensor holders snap in and snap out. Use to take Anterior or Posterior/Bite Wine images. Each sensor holder adjusts "on the fly" to hold every size sensor, horizontally or vertically and are fully autoclavable. <br><br> Contains: 2 Uni-Verse-all positioners, 4 medium size Sensibles, sensor holders, 4 large Sensibles sensor holders, 2 aiming rings

Sensible Sensor Holders Medium 12/pk - Flow Dental

New, improved Sensibles is a "universal" sensor positioning system that does it all. Our patent-pending ratcheting bite block locks down tight to form a custom-fit around any size sensor in either the Horizontal or Verticawl position. After user, simply press the quick release button, remove your sensor and autoclave your Sensible Bite Block. <br><br> Contains: 12 Sensor Holders

Uni-Verse-All Sensor Holders Large 12/pk - Flow Dental

Uni-Verse-All's unique sensor holders snap in and snap out. Use to take Anterior or Posterior/Bite Wine images. Each sensor holder adjusts "on the fly" to hold every size sensor, horizontally or vertically and are fully autoclavable. <br><br> Contains: 12 Sensor Holders