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Heraeus Kulzer GmbH is one of the world’s leading dental companies with its headquarters in Hanau, Germany. Its Dental Materials and Digital Services divisions supply dentists and dental technicians with an extensive product range, covering cosmetic dentistry, aesthetic dental solutions, tooth preservation, prosthetics, periodontology and digital dentistry. With more than 1,400 employees, the product turnover over for Heraeus Kulzer in 2013 exceeded 400 million USD. Noble Dental Supplies distributes discounted Heraeus Kulzer dental products and supplies.

Boxing Wax 1Lb - Heraeus Kulzer

Boxing wax is soft wax that easily adapts to impression trays. <br><br>

Coprwax Bite Wafers 84/Bx - Heraeus Kulzer

Coprwax Bite Wafers are horseshoe-shaped bite registration slips that are made with wax and copper particles throughout. <br><br> Contains: 84/bx <br><br>

Gluma Desensitizer 5ml - Heraeus Kulzer

Gluma Desensitizer - Heraeus Kulzer is a simple, one-step chairside procedure for treating and preventing dentin hypersensitivity. <br> Gluma is the most well-known and trusted desensitizer in the dental industry world wide. Used in over 50 million restorations, Gluma® Desensitizer is preferred over all others for preventing and eliminating hypersensitivity. Just one drop of Gluma is all you need and the results are fast and effective. No mixing, no curing and no repetitive steps. The well-known American test institute "REALITY" has commended GLUMA® Desensitizer by awarding it the Reality's choice five star award, the best grade. The testers particularly emphasized the fact that clinical studies have confirmed the long term efficacy, and their tests show it was the only product to have both a positive effect on bond strength and decrease microleakage when used with both test adhesives (Reality 2009). <br><br>

Periphery Wax Sticks 60/Bx - Heraeus Kulzer

Periphery Wax Sticks,Surgident® can be used with all types of impression materials for making wax stops, post-damming and lining the periphery of trays. Surgident is a soft, tacky wax that is easily shaped at room temperature. <br><br> Contains: Box of 60 Wax sticks <br><br>

Venus Diamond PLT - Heraeus Kulzer

Venus Diamond is a new nano-hybrid universal composite that combines low shrinkage and high strength in a unique way. The universal composite distinguishes itself through a firm consistency during modelling and is comfortable to use. The creation of direct as well as indirect restorations is simpler and therefore more efficient on your part.

Venus Diamond PLT Flow- Heraeus Kulzer

Venus® Diamond Flow is a flowable, nanohybrid composite used to create aesthetic, durable restorations. This multifunctional restorative material is ideal for smaller cavities, cervical fillings or as a liner in combination with normal viscosity composites such as Venus Diamond. <br><br>

Venus Diamond Syringe 4gm- Heraeus Kulzer

Venus Diamond® is a nanohybrid composite used in dental restorations. This universal light curing filling material can adapt to the color of the surrounding tooth structure for a natural look and is used for both anterior and posterior restorations.