iBrite® 9% H2O2 Tooth Whitening Kit - Pac-Dent

iBrite® 9% H2O2 Tooth Whitening Kit - Pac-Dent

SKU : 108-IB-809H

Take-home Hydrogen Peroxide-based tooth whitening system that features the innovative iBrite tray silicone-based self- impression tooth tray. Available in 3 hydrogen peroxide concentrations for different patient needs: 6%, 9% and 12%. Undiluted purified H2O2 formula acts nearly 4 times faster than traditional carbamide peroxide whitening gels. Dramatic whitening results can be achieved in 1 ~ 2 weeks if used as instructed. iBrite kit can be used as a standalone take-home tooth whitening product, or to enforce and maintain chair-side whitening results.

Contains: 6 x 1.2 ml syringes, 1 x iBrite Tray w/silicone bite impression, 6 x dispensing tips
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Manufacturer: Pac-Dent International

SKU: 108-IB-809H