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Kuraray America`s Dental Division markets and sells the world`s leading dental material, including Panavia and CLEARFIL SE BOND.

Clearfil Majesty Flow 3.2gm Syringe - Kuraray

Clearfil Majest Flow is a flowable, superfilled, light-cure, radiopaque resorative composite resin with the filler particles treated with a proprietary new surface coating technology. <br><br>

Clearfil SE Bond Kit - Kuraray

CLEARFIL SE BOND is a simplified, light-cure bonding system containing a water-based primer. The procedure time with CLEARFIL SE BOND is significantly reduced, while providing enhanced bonding strength and sealing properties -- and, it can be used with all light-cured restoration. The unique "Outer Case" delivery system allows direct finger control of the contents.

Clearfil Universal Bond Quick Refill 5ml - Kuraray

CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick is a single-bottle, fluoride-releasing, universal adhesive with the new original MDP & AMIDE-based chemistry that provides a unique RAPID BOND TECHNOLOGY. This new AMIDE monomer rapidly permeates dentin & enamel which eliminates waiting time & dramatically reduces water absorption. It also reduces technique sensitivity & application time without compromising bond strengths, sealing or desensitizing. <Br><Br> Contains: (1) 5ml Refill Bottle

Panavia SA Cement Universal Automix - Kuraray

PANAVIA™ SA Cement Universal is a forerunner in self-adhesive resin cements containing the unique LCSi monomer that adheres to virtually every material including glass ceramics without the need for a separate primer. Using a unique silane coupling agent built into the paste - LCSi monomer - the cement delivers a strong, durable chemical bond to porcelain, lithium disilicate and composite resin. The original MDP monomer present in the paste too allows for chemical reactiveness with zirconia, dentin and enamel. <BR><BR> Contains: (1) 8gm Automix Syringe