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MedicomĀ® is an entrepreneurially-driven, global health care company. Founded by Ronald Reuben in 1988, Mr. Reuben remains Chief Executive Officer of the company to this day and continues to bring his entrepreneurial drive and passion to the business along with his experienced leadership team and a team of dedicated individuals committed to delivering superior customer experiences.

SafeMatrix™ Single-use Matrix Bands 50/pk - Medicom

Medicom SafeMatrix is the next generation matrix band engineered to meet the evolving needs of dentistry. The sophisticated design is available in 2 sizes and will simplify procedures through easier placement and improved visibility. Single-use and pre-assembled, with a sliding ban deflector and smooth tightening mechanism. <br><br> Contains: 50/pk <br><br>

SafeMatrix ® - Single use, Pre-Assembled, Contoured Matrix Bands 50/pk - Medicom

SafeMatrix Precontoured matrix bands facilitates the restoration of interproximal anatomical contours and contact areas of the tooth surface. Additionally the precontoured matrix bands creates a smooth external surface against which restorative may be conveniently packed reducing the risk of cupping. Since the anterior have a slight curvature of their interproximal surfaces, the SafeMatrix Curve contouring will help to keep the band in place. <br><br>

SafeGauze Hemostat - Topical Hemostatic Dressing - Medicom

SafeGauze® HemoStat™ is a sterile fabric prepared by the chemical treatment of regenerated cellulose. It is a safe and effective product used in dental practices for the control of bleeding applied to extractions, peridonatal surgery and other selected procedures. When contacting blood or fluids the product expands and transforms to a clear, viscous gel which fills and adheres to the conformation of the extraction socket. <br><br> Contains: 20 units/bx <br><br> SafeGauze® HemoStat™ is FDA cleared for safe and effective usage in the dental cavity. <br><br>