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The mission for Microcopy is to provide a strong sense of satisfaction to each of our customers by offering truly innovative, effective, high-value products. This, combined with a courteous and responsive customer service team, is what keeps Microcopy loyal customers coming back and what inspires them to spread the word about Microcopy products to their peers. Microcopy is know for manufacturing NeoDiamonds, NeoBurr Carbides and more. Microcopy discounted products are available here on Noble Dental Supplies as well as through our second-to-none customer care team.

FLAPS® Film Holding Tabs -Microcopy

Microcopy Film Holding Tabs are flaps made of a soft plastic foam with a self-adhesive side that keeps X-ray film in place. Holder tabs are also great for digital X-ray sensor positioning. Also great for digital X-ray sensor positioning.

NeoDrys Absorbents 50/pk - Microcopy

NeoDrys Dental Absorbents by Microcopy with its new inner core traps moisture quickly, helping to provide a superior dry field <br><br> Contains 50 per package