ProMate™ Hygiene Prophy Handpiece - Pac-Dent

ProMate™ Hygiene Prophy Handpiece - Pac-Dent

SKU : 108-HH-100

The ProMate™ Hygiene Prophy Handpiece from Pac-Dent features an ergonomic, light weight design for superior comfort. It comes equipped with a swivel back end connection which provides for less drag and fatigue. The soft non-slip grips increase tactile sensitivity to reduce daily hand trauma. Works with all standard disposable prophy angles. Fully Autoclavable

2 Year Warranty
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Manufacturer: Pac-Dent International

SKU: 108-HH-100

ProMate™ Hygiene Prophy Handpiece - Pac-Dent

Reduce fatigue and daily trauma on the hand, and arm muscles with our new ProMate™ hygiene handpiece. The lightweight ergonomic design minimizes vibration and chatter. The textured silicon grip and contoured shape provide superior comfort and non-slip control. Easily maintained by autoclaving the entire handpiece with the grip, or replace the grip for color coding and personalization. Use with your favorite Pac-Dent disposable prophy angle and see the difference! Grip colors are available in blue, green, lavender, and rose.