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Since 1925, hospitals, research institutes, clinics and laboratories across the globe put their trust in Tuttnauer sterilizers and infection control systems. They are renowned for their robust performance and state-of-the-art technology, and superior service and maintenance programs.Today our company is recognized as a leader in sterilization and infection control and our products are sold in over 140 countries across the globe. Their autoclaves incorporate innovative design and engineering features and meet international standards and regulatory approvals, including FDA, ASME, ISO and CE.

Chamber Brite Autoclave Cleaner 10/pk - Tuttnauer

Chamber Brite powder is simply the easiest way to keep autoclaves clean and free of water deposit build-up. Designed specifically for steam sterilizers, Chamber Brite effectively cleans and descales the reservoir, chamber and tubing in minutes. <br><br> Contains: 10 - Single Use Packets