Vacuum Clean Tablets 45/Bt - Palmero

Vacuum Clean Tablets 45/Bt - Palmero

SKU : 565-3547

Vacuum Clean Tablets from Palmero are a one-two punch for evacuation system maintenance, together in one convenient kit. Complete with one jar of Vacuum Shock, one jar of Vacuum Clean and one Pour and Clean bottle for premixing.

Compare to: Evac Shock Tablets by Cory Labs
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Manufacturer: Palmero Health Care

SKU: 565-3547

Vacuum Clean Tablets 45/Bt - Palmero

  • Restores pressure, keeps vacuum lines clean, extends pump life.
  • Economical-use only one tablet each week.
  • Self-activating tablet releases powerful cleaning chemicals throughout the week.
  • Neutral ph helps reduce dispersal of amalgam into sewer systems.
  • Allows consistent vacuum suction and asepsis.45 tablets/jar