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Since 1962, Water Pik, Inc. (WaterPik Technologies) has been a leader in developing and manufacturing innovative personal and oral healthcare products for the entire family. Water Pik, Inc. (WaterPik Technologies) has acquired more than 500 patents with products recognized for award-winning design and technology. Water Pik, Inc. (WaterPik Technologies) history of innovation allows them to provide consumers and professionals with today's best-in-class oral health. Noble Dental Supplies distributes discounted Water Pik, Inc. (WaterPik Technologies) dental and oral health products and supplies.

Getz Blue Core Crown Build-up Material- Waterpik

Getz® Blue Core Crown Build-up material is a small particle, radiopaque, light-cured composite material that cures to a depth of 6 millimeters in 30 seconds.

Hold Alginate Adhesive- Waterpik

Hold™ Tray Adhesive provides that extra confidence. Available in liquid or aerosol spray. Not recommended for use with elastomeric impression materials. <br><br>

Tofflemire Matrix Band Retainer Universal 1/pk - Waterpik

Secure locking mechanism and instant release enable the Original Tofflemire® retainers to tighten and release with precise, effortless action. The clean, smooth surface is free of burrs and sharp edges that can cause gingival trauma. <br> <br> Easy insertion and adjustment; handles any width band. Permits accurate trimming of wider band for special anatomical needs. Contra-Angle model can be used buccally and lingually. Fully autoclavable.

Tra-Tens Disposable Impression Trays 12/bg - Waterpik

Tra-Tens - Disposable Impression Trays are proven over time to be a versatile design which provides extremely accurate impressions, Tra-Tens® impression trays have a unique, fully perforated pattern that enables excellent mechanical retention. Available in nine sizes. <br><br>