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DemeTech Corporation is a world-renowned leader in surgical sutures and blades. DemeTech strives to enhance doctor-patient relationships through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to the pursuance of cutting-edge technology and innovation. Their corporate headquarters are located in Miami, Florida, with office facilities stemming throughout North America, South America, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. DemeTech is an exceptional corporation, in that it uses next-generation technology to meet the growing demands of today's society. Their quality has been proven time and time again: high demand and use worldwide, distribution in over 80 countries worldwide, and certification of the three major medical authorities-FDA, CE, and ISO. Through its incredible commitment to efficiency, DemeTech is able to provide sutures of paramount quality at a lower and more reasonable cost. Thus, with a prosperous future ahead, DemeTech sees no boundaries to its success and wishes to include you in this flourishing voyage. Noble Dental Supplies distributes DemeTech Corporation products at discounted prices for our customers and you expect the same attention to customer care we are known for in every purchase.