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Dispensing Gun 10:1- 4:1 - MARK3

Dispensing Gun 10:1- 4:1 - MARK3

Dispensing Gun 10:1- 4:1 by MARK 3 is utilized to dispense most crown and bridge materials, which includes MARK3, Luxatemp, and Integrity.

Dispensing Gun 10:1- 4:1 offers a multi-purpose delivery system used for Luxatemp, Integrity, automix crown & bridge along with other dental materials. This tool exhibits highly durable quality and a long-lasting construct.

It is a tool that helps add quality to your dental procedures and makes your dental procedures a worthwhile experience for your patients. It allows you the ease and accuracy of dispensing material of 10:1 or 4:1 ratio standard cartridges. This device will help you attain patient retention through 100% quality work and client satisfaction.

The versatile dental impression dispensing delivery system has the added benefit of being used for Automix Crown and Bridge materials, Automix Core Build-Up, and many more.

What’s more? This dispenser can fit all standard sized cartridges having a ratio of 10:1 or 4:1.

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Manufacturer: MARK3

SKU: 100-110411

Features of Dispensing Gun 10:1 - 4:1 – MARK 3

  • It serves as a comprehensive, advanced system of dispensing material to produce highly esthetic provisionals.
  • It is an excellent choice for fast, convenient Automix dispensing systems.
  • It delivers Superior flexural strength for resilient temporaries
  • This product offers superior clinician control with accurate placement and handling.