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The MARK3 brand is a top seller with dental practitioners that demand high quality for patient care, without hurting their budget. Developed by Cargus international with the mission to offer dentists the same or better quality products at much better prices than conventional name brands. 

The MARK3 dental products are a result of Cargus’s 44 years+ in the dental supply business, consistently listening to, serving and innovating with local dental offices. A solution to help dentist practices get name brand quality products at unbeatable prices by shopping directly from the Noble site.

Prophy Paste 200/pk - MARK3

Prophy Paste 200/pk - MARK3 is a premium product with a very effective blend of polishing and cleaning agents. Designed to maximize stain removal while minimizing the loss of enamel. MARK3 Prophy Paste also plays an effective role in maintaining substantial fluoride level, and reinforces tooth enamel through remineralization. MARK3 Prophy Paste provides maximum cleaning as well as protection against caries.

Contains: 200 cups per package.

From $19.95

Bite Registration VPS 2/pk 50ml - MARK3

MARK3 VPS Bite Registration is a premium product for conventional bite registrations. MARK3 VPS Bite Registration prioritizes consistency, convenience, and comfort for both the dentist and the patient. Formulated specifically to provide dependable and remarkably accurate results.

Contains: (2) 50ml cartridges and 6 mix tips
From $16.99

MARK3 Temporary Crown and Bridge Material 50ml 10:1 Cartridge

MARK3 Temporary Crown and Bridge material is a powerful and long-lasting material for both short-term and long-term provisional restorations. It has excellent mechanical and esthetic properties which makes it quick and easy to use.

Contains 1- 50/ml (75gm) Cartridge plus 10 Mixing Tips

From $49.95

MARK3 Topical Anesthetic Gel 1oz/Jar

MARK3 Topical Anesthetic Gel 1oz/Jar is a premium topical anesthetic that delivers fast, effective, and predictable results. Designed to reduce saliva production and provide maximum endurance. With phenomenal flavors and the perfect consistency for application, MARK3 topical anesthetic is a reliable essential for any office.

Contains: (1) oz per jar
From $4.99

MARK3 Varnish 5% Sodium Fluoride w/ TCP 50/bx

MARK3 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish delivers fast and effective results. Premium resin based formula provides strong desensitizing action when applied to enamel and dentin surfaces. Contains Tri-Calcium Phosphate which is known to help re-mineralize teeth and decrease sensitivity.

Contains 50 unidose packages, each with 0.4ml of varnish and one applicator brush.

From $39.95

Ultrasonic Bio-Enyzmatic Tablets 64/bx. - MARK3

MARK3 Ultrasonic Bio-Enzymatic Tablets are easy to use, microbial bio-enzymatic tablets that create a fast and effective ultrasonic cleaning solution. With advanced biomass changing dynamics, this ultrasonic cleaner is capable of degrading a wide range of complex organics and soils that traditional protease enzymatic formulations cannot. Versatile, and can also be used for light cleaning around the office, or as a secondary evacuation cleaner.

Contains 64 tablets per box


VPS Impression Material 4/pk - MARK3

MARK3 VPS Impression Material provides consistently reliable and accurate impressions. Formulated specifically to ensure maximum convenience for the dentist, comfort for the patient, and supreme accuracy. Features a high performing cartridge system with smooth and easy dispensing.

Contains: 4 - 50ml cartridges
From $31.95

Bib Holder Autoclavable Silicon 1/Pk - MARK3

Bib holders from MARK3 are colorful silicone bib clips that are warm to the patient's neck and will not snag hair.

Contain - 1 per pack

From $3.09

Core Build-Up Dual Cure Automix 2/pk - MARK3

MARK3 Core Build-Up is a dual cure, high radiopaque flowable micro-hybrid composite material with nano particle(nano-zirconium, nano-calciumfluoride) for core build-up and cementation of posts.

Contains: 2x5ml (8.7gm) Automix Syringes 10 mixtips, 10 intra-oral mix tips.

From $34.95

Crown and Bridge Mixing Tips 10:1 Blue Fine 25/pk - MARK3

Crown and Bridge Mixing Tips 10:1 Blue Fine 25/pk by MARK3 are crown and bridge mixing tips that are used with cartridges that have a 10:1 or 4:1 ratio. Most popularly used with Luxatemp, Integrity and MARK3 Crown and Bridge Materials.


Dappen Dishes Disposable - MARK3

Available in assorted colors and quantities.

From $15.95

Disposable Air Water Syringe Tips Clear - MARK3

Disposable Air Water Syringe Tips by MARK3, reduces the potential for cross-contamination via air/water syringe. Delivers precise separation of air and water for consistent dry air, and is ideal for sealant applications and restorative procedures.

From $29.95

Disposable Bite Blocks 100/pk- MARK3

Disposable Bite Blocks 100/pk by MARK3 are designed to replace the permanent bite block found on your panoramic x-ray machine. Each bite block is individually packed which enables the bite block to be opened in front of each patient. This assures the patient that the bite block has not been used previously, and is intended for single patient use only.

From $25.95

Disposable Evacuation Traps 144/pk - MARK3

Disposable Evacutation Traps eliminate one of the most hazardous and unpleasant tasks in the office – cleaning the waste in your current filter. Completely disposable, these filters not only save time but improve the performance of your suction system.

Contains - 144 Traps
From $8.95

Disposable Prophy Cups 144/pk - MARK3

Each MARK3 Disposable prophy cup is designed for maximum delivery of prophylaxis paste to the tooth surface.

Contains: 144/bx

From $12.95