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Fuji II LC Caps Shade A2 48bx - GC America

Fuji II LC Caps Shade A2 48bx - GC America

GC Fuji II LC® by GC America is a light cured restorative that offers excellent translucency and outstanding aesthetics. It is resin reinforced glass ionomer, possessing incessant fluoride recharge and release.

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Manufacturer: GC America

SKU: E250-003234

Forming a strong micro-mechanically reinforced chemical bond with the tooth structure, GC America’s Fuji II LC Caps can be triple-cured. It is clinically established to have 100% retention, no sensitivity, no evidence of secondary caries and no change in surface luster even after two years1. Restoration has never been an easier procedure before.

It is ideal for use in:

  • Class III
  • Class V restoration
  • Restoration of primary and geriatric teeth
  • Core buildup
  • Cervical Erosion
  • Root Surface Caries
  • Base or liner in the sandwich technique

Fuji II LC – GC America offers reduced chair time with fewer steps than composites. It has 1.5 times greater radiopacity than enamel (315% Al). It is available as powder-liquid, capsules & comes with 10 Vita®† shades2.

Unique in it features, Fuji II LC eliminated the need of undercuts, primers or bonding agents


  • Brand: Fuji II LC Caps
  • Manufacturer: GC America
  • Category: Cements & Liners
  • Product Type: Glass Ionomer Restoration Material
  • Mixing Time: 20 seconds
  • Working Time: 3 minutes 45 seconds
  • Light curing Set Time: 20 sec.
  • Depth of Cure: 1.8 mm
  • Rechargeable Fluoride: Yes
  • Radiopacity: Yes
  • Biocompatible: Yes