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Fuji II LC Caps Shade A2 48bx - GC America

Fuji II LC Caps Shade A2 48bx - GC America

GC Fuji II LC® by GC America is a light cured restorative that offers excellent translucency and outstanding aesthetics. It is resin reinforced glass ionomer, possessing incessant fluoride recharge and release. Outstanding flexural strength and excellent bond strength to teeth even in presence of saliva. It is available in premeasured unit dose capsules for no-mess mixing.

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Manufacturer: GC America

SKU: E250-003234

Fuji II LC Caps 48/bx- GC America

This product comes in powder-liquid form or as premeasured capsules. Clinically proven to have 100% retention after 5 years. Fuji II LC possesses tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion, thereby preventing sensitivity and secondary caries, with no change in surface luster. For use in class III restorations, Class V restorations, Root surface caries, Abraction, Cervical erosion, or as a Base/Liner.

Features and Benefits

  • Triple curing
  • Strong bond with tooth prevents microleakage
  • outstanding esthetics
  • Allows immediate finishing
  • Simple technique
  • No undercuts, bonding agents or primers needed
  • Time saving
  • Longer Lasting Restorations
  • Rechargeable and sustainable fluoride release
  • Ultra convenient to use
  • Economical 


  • Brand: Fuji II LC Caps
  • Manufacturer: GC America
  • Category: Glass Ionomer Restoration Material
  • Light curing Set Time: 20 sec.
  • Radiopacity: Yes
  • Biocompatible: Yes