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Fuji II LC Caps Shade A2 48bx - GC America

Fuji II LC Caps Shade A2 48bx - GC America

Fuji II LC Caps by GC America is a light-cured, glass ionomer restorative, featuring high resistance to water which can be finished in just 15 minutes (under water spray). Its high surface hardness provides a durable restoration. It is available in powder-liquid or premeasured capsules.
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Manufacturer: GC America

SKU: E250-003234

Fuji II LC Caps - GC America

  • Features and Benefits

    • Outstanding aesthetics
      • 10 Vita2 shades
      • Excellent translucency
    • Continual rechargeable fluoride release
      • Strengthens tooth structure
      • Secondary decay almost 10 times more fluoride release than compomers3
    • Easy procedure
      • Reduced chair time
      • Fewer steps than composites
    • Clinically proven
      • Clinically insoluble
      • Biocompatible and radiopaque
      • Tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion
      • After two years: 100% retention, no sensitivity, no evidence of secondary caries and no change in surface luster 1
    • Triple Cure Properties
      • Strong bond to tooth
      • 2 phases of self-curing:
        • Resin mechanical adhesion
        • Glass ionomer chemical bond
      • Helps prevent microleakage
      • Seals and protects restoration
      • No undercuts, primers or bonding agents are required
      • Chemical cure, light-curing provides immediate strength and allows immediate finishing

    1 Clinical Evaluation of GC Fuji II LC in Class V Restorations (Two Year Report), Alan A. Boghosian, D.D.S., Northwestern University, March 1996.
    Vita is a trademark of Vita Zahnfabrik.
    From published data.

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