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Since 1992, GC America Inc. through dentists, technicians, hygienists and other dental professionals around the world, has continuously made a major contribution to people`s health and improving dental care for patients. These achievements for GC America has been made based on the corporate philosophy of: "Semui: True products are made for the good of others, not doing so for your own sake. In other words, they co-exist for mutual benefit” In addition, GC America believes in their three management principles of: -"contributing to the environment and society by improving oral hygiene," -"improving corporate quality and meeting customer expectations, -"forming a team of associates overflowing with energy and respect for their fellow human beings." Noble Dental Supplies is proud to be a distributor for a positive influencer like GC America.
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Alike™ Acrylic Resin - GC America

GC America's ALIKE is a crown and bridge acrylic resin. Nobel Dental Supplies' ALIKE is an excellent quality product which offers the following benefits. It is a quick-setting material works in a self-cure mode, for temporary crown and bridge.

It offers sufficient working time of 5-6 minutes before it cures, so that you can carve out the natural anatomy with ease. Forms a tight seal with the abutment tooth, for big and small restorations, until the final restoration is ready. With ALIKE resin, now you can practice trimming and polishing with convenience, without clogging burs.

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COE COMFORT™ by GC America is a tissue conditioner used for the edentulous arches. It is a self-curing material that can be applied as a chairside procedure. When used as a liner inside the ill-fitting dentures, Coe Comfort not only provides a better fit but also gives a cushioning effect to the tissue, allowing the denture-bearing tissues to recover and heal.

Other indications include:

Functional impression material for complete dentures, can be used for relining the distal extension area and constructing obturators. Liner for surgical and periodontal splint. Indication of pressure areas on dentures. Lining of base tray for stabilization during jaw relations record.


Coe Pak Hard & Fast - GC America

Coe Pack Hard & Fast - GC America at Nobel Dental Supplies, is a surgical dressing that is established to provide protection to the surgical sites. It is eugenol-free and can be used as a periodontal pack. The product is formulated to encourage cleanliness and healing. Its plasticity and cohesiveness allows ropes of any length or thickness to be shaped.

Coe Pak by GC America has a smooth texture, which promotes close adaptation to the oral hard and soft tissue for wound protection. Its setting time is 10 minutes and after setting, the product is resilient and hard.

The Base paste and Catalyst contain 90 grams each.


Coe Tray Cleaner - GC America

GC America’s COE Tray Cleaner is an excellent product to remove leftover material after use, and clean the tray conveniently. It is highly miscible in water and works to remove alginate, wax, ZOE and modeling compounds from metal trays as well as instruments. It takes about 15 minutes to clean the tray.


Coe-Pack Automix - GC America

Noble Dental Supplies offers Coe-Pak™, a product of GC America. It consists of two components; base paste and catalyst paste. This product is a eugenol-free material used for the dressing of wounds, covering stitches as well as stabilization of loose teeth.

COE-Pak – Gc America comes as an Automix New Delivery System (NDS) and is used as a surgical dressing and periodontal pack. It exhibits definite protection over surgical sites and promotes healing while maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. It is plastic and cohesive in nature. This allows its molding into ropes of various dimensions and can be shaped into any length or thickness. Its smooth texture enables COE-PAK to adapt in close proximity with the teeth and other oral tissues and provides protection to the wound. After setting, it sets as a resilient and hard material which is non-brittle.


Coe-Pak Regular - GC America

Coe-Pak Regular by GC America is a non-eugenol product that is used for surgical dressing and as periodontal pack. It does not cause burning sensation to the oral tissues and does not have a disagreeable taste or unpleasant odor. This product provides guaranteed protection to the surgical sites. It enhances healing of wounds and promotes cleanliness. Ropes of various thickness and length can be formed due to its plasticity and cohesiveness. It adapts closely to the hard and soft tissues of the mouth for protection.

COE-Pak Regular has a high resilience after setting, and exhibits non-brittle hardness. It comes with base and catalyst paste tubes with 90 grams weight each.


Coe-Soft Professional Pkg - GC America

Noble Dental Supplies offers GC America’s Coe-Soft Professional Pkg. It is a relining material that is used to provide a temporary soft lining in the upper or lower dentures. Its resilience and self-curing type makes it convenient to use as well as gives long lasting results when used in patients. The product takes about 15 minutes to polymerize in or out of the mouth. The reline will last for about 3 months.

Coe-Soft Professional Package contains: 6 oz. powder and 6 oz. liquid


ExaBite II NDS 50ml - GC America

GC America’s Exabite II NDS is a value-added, Vinyl Polysiloxane (VPS) impression material developed specifically for bite registration. Its improved quality makes it easy to handle allowing you to have accurate impressions. The new formulation, Exabite II by GC America comes with a cartridge and a cartridge dispenser 2. It takes about 45 seconds or less to set.

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Exafast NDS 48mL 2/Bx - GC America

EXAFAST by GC America is a quick setting Vinyl Polysiloxane (VPS) impression material that exhibits accurate impressions. GC America’s EXAFAST at Noble Dental Supplies offers improved productivity for you and maximized comfort for your patients. It can be reused for stable models for up to two weeks

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Examix NDS w/ Tips 48mL - GC America

New EXAMIX NDS Snap set is a Vinyl Polysiloxane (VPS) impression material that possesses improved physical properties. This product is GC America’s innovative combination of advantages that make impression taking a convenient experience both for the practitioner and the patient. It can be utilized to record extraordinary smooth impressions for working models for crown and bridge, inlays and onlays, partial and full dentures.

Examix NDS by GC America comes with 2x48ml cartridges and 6 mixing tips. Its hydrophilic surfactant nature promotes wettability, allowing it to reach all areas for an accurate impression. It is not prone to distortion and allows consistent model pouring for up to two weeks.

Contains 2x48ml cartridges, 6 mixing tips

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Fuji II LC Caps 48/bx- GC America

GC Fuji II LC CAPSULE is a light-cured glass ionomer restorative with outstanding flexural strength and excellent bond strength to teeth even in presence of saliva. It is available in premeasured unit dose capsules for no-mess mixing. GC Fuji II LC CAPSULE’s exceptional esthetics, simplicity and economy make it a fantastic choice for Class V restorations, cervical erosions/abfraction lesions and as a liner/base.

It comes in powder-liquid form or as premeasured capsules. It is clinically proven to have 100% retention after 5 years. Fuji II LC possesses tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion, thereby preventing sensitivity and secondary caries, with no change in surface luster.

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Fuji II LC Caps Shade A2 48bx - GC America

GC Fuji II LC® by GC America is a light cured restorative that offers excellent translucency and outstanding aesthetics. It is resin reinforced glass ionomer, possessing incessant fluoride recharge and release.


Fuji IX GP Caps Fast Set 48/bx - GC America

Fuji IX GP by GC America is the Glass Ionomer restorative material which is convenient to handle and an excellent and economical alternative composites, compomers as well as amalgam. After curing it sets as an exceptionally hard and wear resistant restoration. Glass ionomers bond chemically to the tooth structure.

Having a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to enamel, GC America’s Fuji IX GP Caps form a great seal with the teeth, hence, preventing microleakage. It also inherently recharges and releases fluoride, encouraging tooth mineralization.

From $229.95

Fuji Lining LC Paste Refill - GC America

GC America’s Fuji Lining LC Paste Refill is the glass ionomer lining material that is light-cured. It is available as a paste-paste formulation. It is utilized as a base or liner underneath amalgam restoration and composite resin. It forms a strong bond with both the tooth structure and composite. Serves as an ideal dentin auxiliary, absorbing the load due to thermal expansion and contraction of composite materials as well as polymerization shrinkage.

Contains: One 7.0g (4.7ml) Paste Pak Cartridge of Fuji Lining LC and Mixing Pad.

Fuji One Luting Cement - GC America

Fuji One by GC America is an enhanced formulation which is developed for final cementation of crown and bridge restorations. The formulation has been advanced to offer improved physical characteristics. Forming a chemical bond with both the tooth structure and metal, Fuji I provides great strength and marginal seal, allowing restorations to last longer. It can also be utilized for cementing metal inlays, onlays, posts, base or liner as well as orthodontic brackets.

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