Kooliner Reline Complete - GC America

Kooliner Reline Complete - GC America

SKU : 250-345001

GC America’s Kooliner Reline Complete is a chair-side re-liner which sets hard. It is especially designed to reduce exothermic heat. It takes about 10 minutes to completely self-cure in the patient's mouth.

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Manufacturer: GC America

SKU: 250-345001

Benefits of Kooliner Reline Complete by GC America

  • Thick, steady and color-fast. 
  • Convenient to use, finish and polish.
  • Used in a chair-side setting.
  • Can be utilized for border extension of dentures.
  • Can be used for posterior palatal seal.

Used as a temporary liner for acrylic dentures. Should not be used in patients sensitive to methacrylates.

Available in the following Kooliner packages.

  • Professional Package – comes with 3 oz. Powder, 2 oz. Liquid and Accessories.
  • Powder 3oz (80g)
  • Liquid 2oz (55ml)

Steps of use

  • Prepare the denture by relieving and roughening it from underneath
  • Prepare the Kooliner by adding powder into liquid according to the recommended ratio and stir
  • After two minutes reline the denture with Kooliner mixture  and insert into the patient’s mouth.

Read the manual carefully and follow all the instructions before use.


  • Brand: Kooliner
  • Manufacturer: GC America
  • Category: Reline Material
  • Curing Type: Self-cure
  • Mixing Time: 30 seconds
  • Peak curing temperature: 110°F at 7 minutes
  • Radiopaque: Yes
  • Biocompatible: Yes
  • Shelf Life: 3 years from manufacturing date