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GC Dry Mouth Gel - GC America

GC Dry Mouth Gel - GC America

GC America’s Dry Mouth Gel is formulated to ease dry mouth symptoms in patients who may be suffering from reduced saliva production because of medications, radiation therapy, or conditions that may damage the salivary glands. This product serves as a protective agent, coating the teeth and surrounding soft tissue. It has a pleasant taste and is sugar-free. It comes in 5 different flavors, including
  • Fruit Salad (F)*
  • Raspberry (R)
  • Orange (O)
  • Lemon (L)
  • Mint (M) *Not available in Europe.

    The package contains ten tubes (40 g each); 2 tubes of each flavor:
  • fruit salad
  • lemon (alcohol-free)
  • mint (alcohol-free)
  • orange (alcohol-free)
  • raspberry

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    Manufacturer: GC America

    SKU: 250-002526


    • Used for comfort and relief in patients with dry mouth conditions.
    • Used to provide a protective coating for teeth and oral soft tissue.
    • Used in patients with bad breath.


    Should not be used in patients with known allergies to hydroxybenzoate.


    You can direct your patients to use this product as often as needed when the mouth feels dry, anytime during the day or night.

    A sufficient amount of gel should be dispensed on the finger or cotton swab. The gel should be applied to the tongue, oral mucosa, or teeth.


    • Brand: Dry Mouth Gel
    • Manufacturer: GC America
    • Category: Miscellaneous
    • Product Type: Oral Gel
    • Storage Temperature: (8-25°C)(46.4-77.0°F)

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