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Founded in 1985, Metrex Research Corporation is a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation. Metrex Research Corporation products were developed with the vision of "Protecting People" by providing value added consumable products and services in health care and dental environments, facilitating the delivery of quality patient care by minimizing operational costs, helping to improve outcomes and helping to increase compliance. With Metrex Research Corporation product lines, you can trust in the protection of your healthcare facility, staff and patients.

Cavicide Disinfectant – Metrex

Cavicide Disinfectant by Metrex combines both a disinfectant and cleaner for use on all non-porous surfaces, including plastic, stainless steel, glass, tile, Formica and more. Effective at removing mold and mildew. <br><br> Available in: 1 Gallon bottles, 2.5 Gallon bottles, 24 ounce bottle <br><br>

CaviWipes Towelettes - Metrex

Metrex CaviWipes are both a cleanser and disinfectant in a single product. These durable, nonwoven, nonabrasive towelettes are easy-to-use and convenient for cleanup. Recommended for use on nonporous surfaces and fixtures. CaviWipes are ideal for dental clinics and surgical environments . <Br><Br> Contains: 160 wipes per can <Br><Br>

CaviWipes Towelettes Extra Large 65/can - Metrex

CaviWipes is a cleaner and disinfectant in one. CaviWipes are durable, nonwoven, nonabrasive towelettes that offer quick, easy-to-use, time-saving convenience. They're recommended for use on non-porous surfaces and fixtures. CaviWipes is ideal for operating rooms, surgical centers, neonatal units, medical and dental operatories and other critical-care areas.

Empower Enzymatic Solution 1 Gallon – Metrex

EmPower™ is used to pre-clean critical or semi-critical medical devices prior to terminal sterilization or high level disinfection. It contains two protease enzymes that offer the broadest cleaning action on a variety of protein soils. <br><br>

Metricide 28 Day Cold Sterilization 1 Gallon – Metrex

MetriCide 28 cold sterile is intended for use in a tray system with a variety of noncritical, semi-critical, and critical devices – including anesthesia equipment, respiratory therapy equipment, metallic equipment or instruments, rubber objects, plastic objects, and thermometers. <br><br><br>

Caviwipes Towelettes HP 6" x 6.75" 160/Cn. - Metrex

CaviWipes HP is the newest member of the trusted CaviWipes family providing an effective 1-minute universal contact time from an alcohol-free hydrogen peroxide formulation. The High Performance disinfection protocol offered by CaviWipes HP protects both patients and staff. <br><br> Contains: 160/wipes