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Metricide 28 Day Cold Sterilization 1 Gallon – Metrex

Metricide 28 Day Cold Sterilization 1 Gallon – Metrex

MetriCide 28 cold sterile is intended for use in a tray system with a variety of noncritical, semi-critical, and critical devices – including anesthesia equipment, respiratory therapy equipment, metallic equipment or instruments, rubber objects, plastic objects, and thermometers.

Due to the National Emergency and shortage of medical supplies for healthcare workers we will no longer be accepting orders from the general public.
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Manufacturer: Metrex

SKU: 500-10-2800

Metricide 28 Day Cold Sterilization – Metrex

  •  MetriCide® 28 Extra-Long-Life High-Level Disinfectant / Sterilant.
  • 2.5% buffered glutaraldehyde.
  • Recommended for immersible & heat-sensitive equipment/instruments.
  • FDA-registered.
  • Made by Kerr/Metrex.

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