Perfecta Bravo 50 Pack - Premier

Perfecta Bravo 50 Pack - Premier

SKU : 580-4000094

Perfecta Bravó is an advanced tooth whitening gel system. Water-based formulation made up of 9 percent Hydrogen Peroxide. Perfecta Bravó hydrates the teeth during whitening to prevent sensitivity. High quality formula that offers long lasting effects with just 30-minute of use per day.

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Manufacturer: Premier Dental

SKU: 580-4000094

Premier Perfecta Bravo 50 Pack

Features and Benefits

  • Shorter wear time - 30 minutes, once a day
  • Proven faster results for improved compliance
  • Patented water-based 9% hydrogen peroxide gel
  • 84% less wear time – for two-week treatment
  • Superior whitening, avoids sensitivity


  • Product Name: Perfecta Bravo
  • Manufacturer: Premier Dental
  • Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Product Type: Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Concentration: 9%
  • Biocompatible: Yes

Components: 50-3cc syringes, 50 dispensing tips, 12 Patient instructions with 
shade guide, doctor`s instruction