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Airlight M800 Plus Highspeed Handpiece - Beyes Dental

The new Airlight PLUS is one of the most powerful air-driven handpieces on the market, with up to 25 watts of torque. It is designed to handle up to 60 PSI of air pressure, providing a peace of mind to the operator. The truly innovative built-in micro-generator eliminates the need for a fiber optic system from a dental delivery unit. It is a true leader in the air-driven category with all its advanced features. <br><br> Warranty - 1 year <Br><br>
From $425.00

Airlight M800 Surgical 45 Highspeed Handpiece - Beyes Dental

The AirLight M800 Surgical 45 provides excellent accessibility and visibility to make stress-free treatment a reality. It features 22W of cutting power for faster preparation and a rear exhaust to help increase patient safety. With its uniquely angled head, enhanced access is simple. Experience for yourself the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Internal Direct-LED generator provides for an illuminated work area without the use of fiber optics. 45 Degree Head, Direct LED, Triple Spray <br><br> Warranty 1 Year
From $525.00

Airlight M800X Torque Mini Head Highspeed Handpiece - Beyes Dental

The Beyes AirLight M800x Dental Handpiece is a leading high-speed air-driven handpiece. It is ultra-powerful and fast with 27-watts of torque. The Direct LED light system is brighter and provides a larger area of illumination than other power-optic devices. Thanks to a built-in generator, there is no need to connect the handpiece to a fiber optic system of a delivery unit. <br><br> Four spray ports spray water and effectively cool the bur for a comfortable experience for the patient. IS technology allows you to stop the device instantly and quietly so as not to disturb your patients. An ergonomic design and micro-tex grip support ensures you can safely manage the headpiece. X-Ball bearings are engineered to be more durable, and they last up to 4x longer than traditional bearings. <br><br> Warranty: 25 Months <Br><Br>
From $1,052.00

Anesthetic Cartridge Dispenser & Warmer- Premier

Anesthetic Cartridge Dispenser & Warmer from Premier, heats up to 60 cartridges to approximate body temperature to avoid anesthetic trauma from thermal shock. One cartridge is dispensed by pressing top panel.

ApexPilot All-in-One Endodontic Handpiece Built in Apex Locator - Beyes Dental

The ApexPilot All-In-One is the most convenient root canal treatment system. Its handpiece is complete with a root canal length measurement and root canal preparation; just connect a lip hook with the motor to make the canal length measurement and preparation at the same time. <Br><br> Warranty - 1 year

Automated External Defibrillator

AED Plus Automated External Defibrillator W/CPR-D Pads/Carry Case/ Batteries.

Beaver Elite 2.0 Ultrasonic Scaler - Dual water bottle system kit - BLACK - Vector USA

Beaver Elite 2.0 Ultrasonic Scaler from Vector USA features a fully self-contained water delivery system. NEW: Digital touch control, Self diagnostics, plug in play handpiece cable for easy replacement, built-in water regulator, water purge function Selector switch allows the user to switch from bottle A to bottle B, doubling the amount of water or allowing one bottle to be filled with an irrigant. Easily refill bottles using the flip-top lid or remove the bottle and the no-leak stopper prevents solutions from leaking onto the counter or floor. The dual-bottle system with selector switch is ideally suited for either water or medicament solution delivery during treatment. <br><br> Accepts Both 25K & 30K Inserts <br><br> Contains: 2 Position Turbo Boost Foot Pedal, Mount Stand, 2 Water Bottles, Handpiece Holder Mount, Autoclavable Handpiece Sheath. <br><br> 1 Year Warranty <br><br> <B><p><font size="4" color="#F87217" 3rd Quarter Promotion (ends 9.30.22) <br><br> Buy 1 Unit get 2 inserts free. <br><br> Mix and Match From: BB-IF10-25/ 30k (Standard) BB-IF1000-25/ 30k (Triple Bend) BB-IF100-25/ 30k (Slim-Jim Thin Design) <br><br> <br><br></b><p></font>
From $1,049.00

Bucky Beaver UltraSonic Inserts - Vector USA

Bucky Beaver UltraSonic Inserts from Vector USA effectively removes stains, plaque and calculus from teeth. Vector offers a variety of inserts to suit any practice's needs. <br><br> 90 Day Limited Warranty <br><br> <B><p><font size="4" color="#F87217">2nd Quarter Promotion (ends 06.30.23) <br><br> Buy 3 UltraSonic Inserts, Get 1 Free <br><br></b><p></font>
From $94.95

CamX Elara Intraoral Camera - Air Techniques

The CamX® Elara intraoral camera was designed with you in mind to assist in telling your patient's oral health story. Designed with all ergonomic demands in mind, this sophisticated intraoral camera will improve patient communication, leading to higher case acceptance and better tracking of treatment. <br> <br> 2 Year Warranty <br> <br> Contains - Elara Handpiece, 20 Camera Sheaths, 1 USB Umbilical, 1 Chair side Handpiece Holder, Cleaning Cloth
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CamX Spectra Caries Detection Aid - Air Techniques

The CamX Spectra Caries Detection Aid from Air Techniques is a non-invasive caries detection aid that helps eliminate the guesswork in detecting and diagnosing tooth decay and enhances case acceptance through better patient education. CamX Spectra Caries Detection Aid is the only caries detection aid that uses fluorescence technology to visualize and discover caries earlier, as well as plaque and calculus. <br><br> 2 Year Warranty <br><br> Contains: Spectra Handpiece, 20 Camera Sheaths, 5 Positioning Spacers, 1 USB Umbilical, 1 Chair Side Handpiece Holder, Cleaning Cloth
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Canaview Intra Oral Camera - Direct USB - Beyes Dental

An excellent communication tool that improves understanding and interaction with patients. The Canaview intraoral camera provides visual evidence that you need to educate patients and make more accurate diagnoses. Boasting a true auto-focus and intuitive camera lighting system, this dental digital photography camera requires no manual adjustments and is easily shared between different examination rooms and chairs. <br><br> Warranty - 1 year <Br><Br> <B><p><font size="3" color="#F87217">2nd Quarter Promotion (ends 06.30.23) <br><br> Buy 1 Canaview IntraOral Camera, Get 1 Free <br><br></b><p></font>

CareMaster Automatic Handpiece Maintainence System - Beyes Dental

Handpieces are among the most significant investments in the dental office. It is crucial to maintain their effectiveness, so the practitioner can continue to have the cutting efficiency and durability needed. CareMaster is the solution for dynamic clinical needs. <br><br> Warranty - 12 Months
From $1,052.00

Comfort-Sonic P9 LED Peizo Scaler - Beyes Dental

The Comfort-Sonic P9 offers the convenience of a portable unit that can be connected to any dental console while demonstrating high performance and multi-functionality. It is simple to operate and suitable for a variety of clinical procedures – scaling, perio and endo. It provides a patient-friendly and efficient way of meeting the challenges of specialist dentistry. <Br><br> Warranty - 12 months <br><br> Comfort-Sonic P9 Scaler Contains: 8 tips ( EE1, EG1, EG4, EG5, EG6, EP1, EP3, EP4D), 1 tip holder, 2 water bottle
From $11.95

Dynamic Automatic Mixing Unit for Impression Materials

This Dynamic Automatic Mixing Unit showcases all the same functions of a Penta Mix Unit at a fraction of the price. Used for all 380ml Impression Cartridges, this unit quiet, easy to use, and has 3 mixing speeds. It's compact size saves on counter space and the foot control makes dispensing material so much faster. Can be used with Polyether, VPS and alginate alternative materials. <br><br>

EZ Swivel Couplers - Beyes Dental

Customer satisfaction is the main priority under the Beyes quality policy. EZ-Swivel Couplers have been developed, manufactured and subjected to final inspection according to legal regulations, quality norms and industry standards. <br><Br>
From $122.00

iBrite LED Whitening System - Pacdent

The iBrite™ whitening light unit is one of the most advanced tooth whitening systems available. <br><br>

Ledex Cordless LED Curing Light - Dentmate

Ledex Cordless LED Curing Light by Dentmate uses only the highest-grade materials and LED, assuring top quality, which ranks it among the best-known names in the industry. <br><br>
From $199.00

Ledex LED Curing Light & Caries Detector - Dentmate

Ledex Dental Curing Light & Caries Detector- Dentmate Light Combo- 7 powerful extensive modes OLED display, turbo light guide rod, 7 modes including Low, Ramp, Standard, High, Fast Ortho, Plaque Inspect, Caries Inspect <br><br>

Lil' Beaver Classic - Ultrasonic Scaler - WHITE 25K & 30k - Vector USA

The Lil Beaver Classis UltraSonic Scaler easily and effectively removes stubborn calculus and stains both supragingivally and subgingivally leaving crown and root surfaces clean and smooth. 25-30 kHz (Auto adjust) ultrasonic scaler provides quality and performance along with a contemporary look. Modern re-designed enclosure, versatile vertical or horizontal orientation, universal control graphics. User-friendly foot pedal with added 2nd position Turbo Boost. Designed for use in prophlaxis periodontia treatments and other areas of operative dentistry. The Lil’ Beaver Classic is an economical choice for ultrasonic scaling. Proven clinical reliability and performance for over 15 years. <br><br> <b>Accepts 25K & 30K Inserts <Br><br></b> Contains: Power Cord, 2 Position Turbo Boost Foot Pedal, 1/4" Water Line with quick disconnect, vertical mount stand, handpiece holder mount and autoclavable handpiece sheath. <br><br> 1 Year Warranty <br><br> <B><p><font size="4" color="#F87217">2nd Quarter Promotion (ends 06.30.23) <br><br> Buy 1 Unit get 2 inserts free. <br><br> Mix and Match From: BB-IF10-25/ 30k (Standard) BB-IF1000-25/ 30k (Triple Bend) BB-IF100-25/ 30k (Slim-Jim Thin Design) <br><br></b><p></font>

Maxso Air Motor 20K Midwest 4-Hole Connection M20A-NS/M4 - Beyes Dental

The M20A Motor offers efficient, powerful and constant torque with operational speeds up to 20,000 RPM. Its innovative fluid dynamics generate about twice as much torque compared to a conventional low speed motor in the 5,000–10,000 RPM range. The M20A Motor is comfortable to operate - it is lightweight, perfectly balanced and delivers smooth power control. <br><br> Warranty - 12 Months