Autoclave Cleaner Concentrate 32oz - MARK3

COMPARES TO: Speedclean from Midmark

Autoclave Cleaner Concentrate 32oz - MARK3

SKU : 100-0096

COMPARES TO: Speedclean from Midmark

Autoclave Cleaner by MARK3 is a high-performance liquid concentrate that is highly effective for sterilization and decontamination of steam autoclaves. This product is superb at removing grease, grime and buildups of scale deposits.

contains: (1) 32 oz. bottle of cleaner

We offer a full money back guarantee on all MARK3 products. If you purchased a MARK3 product and are not satisfied, reach out and we will provide a full refund or a replacement. MARK3 Dental Products are just as good or better than the name brand at a fraction of the price.
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Manufacturer: MARK3

SKU: 100-0096

Autoclave Cleaner Concentrate 32oz - MARK3

Autoclave Cleaner by MARK3 has a mild alkaline nature that combats the acidic environment that the microbes thrive in, cleansing the sterilization machine from germs and bacteria. Also with strong anionic and non-ionic surfactants for maximum efficiency. The concentrated solution works best to make 68 ounces of solution from 4 ounces of cleaner, making this a long lasting and effective solution for cleaning any dental autoclave.

Features and Benefits

  • Maintains autoclaves in peak operating conditions
  • High performance concentrate
  • Powerful anionic and non-ionic surfactants
  • Removes grease, grime & accumulations of scale deposits
  • Mild alkaline solution
  • Free of phosphates or mercury.


  • Trade Name: Autoclave Cleaner Concentrate
  • Manufacturer: MARK3 Dental Products
  • Category: Sanitization and Disposables
  • Product Type: Liquid Concentrate
  • Package: 32 oz. Bottle