COE-SOFT™ Professional Pkg - GC America

COE-SOFT™ Professional Pkg - GC America

SKU : 250-344011

COE-SOFT™ Professional Pkg - GC America is a relining material that is used to provide a temporary soft lining in the upper or lower dentures. COE-SOFT™ offers high resilience and self-curing properties for an effective and convenient product with long lasting results.

Package contents: 6 oz. powder and 6 oz. liquid

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Manufacturer: GC America

SKU: 250-344011

COE-SOFT™ Professional Pkg - GC America

Resilient and self-curing material used when patients require a soft, temporary liner in dentures. COE-SOFT polymerizes in or out of the mouth in approximately 15 minutes. The reline will normally last for approximately 3 months. Mixes in just 30 seconds and provides 32 applications per package.

Features and Benefits

  • It does not contain monomers
  • It is free of exothermic heat or burning sensations
  • Does not have an unpleasant odor or taste
  • Provides a soft lining
  • Offers improved patient comfort
  • Contains zinc undecylenate
  • Perfect for post-surgical applications, e.g. immediate denture placement after extraction/s.


  • Product name: COE-SOFT™
  • Manufacturer: GC-America
  • Curing type: Self-cure
  • Category: Acrylics and Reline
  • Products: Powder and/or liquid
  • Mixing time: 30 seconds
  • Polymerizing time: 15 minutes