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DV-57 Film #2 Double 150/Bx - Flow X-Ray

DV-57 Film #2 Double 150/Bx - Flow X-Ray

SKU : 915-18201


DV-57 X-Ray film from Flow Dental offer a combination of exceptional image quality, innovative features and economy found in no competitive products.

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Manufacturer: Flow Dental

SKU: 915-18201

DV-57 Film #2 Double 150/Bx - Flow X-Ray

  • Flow Silver D™ D Speed film is specially formulated to deliver the high-contrast results required for today's state-of-the-art diagnostic and clinical procedures.
  • In independent test results, Flow Silver D delivered up to 21% greater contrast and over 40% better resolution than competitive films.
  • Our unique formulation also stands up to oxidized chemistry better than other films - so you'll get more films from each gallon of developer.
  • Flow Silver D has similar exposure times to Kodak Ultra-Speed* and other D Speed films and can be processed manually or automatically.