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ProVecta 3D Prime CBCT X-Ray System - Air Techniques

ProVecta 3D Prime CBCT X-Ray System - Air Techniques

SKU : 110-A7750

Air Techniques, backed by 60-years of innovation in dentistry, presents a CBCT made easy. Powered by VisionX and enhanced with Artificial Intelligence, the ProVecta 3D Prime provides ease of diagnostics with a workflow that is as simple as scan and plan. Taking diagnostics to the next level ProVecta 3D Prime combines diagnostic flexibility, ease of use and lower radiation dose. The ProVecta 3D Prime generates a unique 130mm x 85mm jaw-shaped anatomically adapted volume that encompasses all treatment areas without imaging non-relevant anatomy.

Warranty: 24 Months

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Manufacturer: Air Techniques

SKU: 110-A7750

ProVecta 3D Prime CBCT X-Ray System - Air Techniques

See All That You Need To See

  • 3D & 2D X-ray images with exceptional image quality
  • The anatomically adapted jaw-shaped 3D image includes all dentition, including the third molar area
  • 50 x 50 mm volumes in 80 or 120 μm Voxel size
  • Highest resolution CsI flat panel sensor – creates brilliant, high-quality 3D & 2D images from one sensor, no swapping, no complications

Ideal Imaging Volumes | Easy Positioning | High Image Quality

  • In addition to the standard adult 130 x 85 volume, the ProVecta 3D Prime offers child size and 10 additional 50 x 50 volumes
  • Five each for the upper jaw & lower jaw
  • Indications include endodontic and implant procedures
  • The smaller 50 x 50 volumes can be specified at either 80 or 120 μm Voxel size to further increase clarity and accuracy
  • Reconstruction algorithms allow 3D volumes to be rendered and displayed in the shortest time possible to maximize clinical workflow

Digital Implant Workflow with VisionX and SICAT

  • Provecta 3D Prime, VisionX, and SICAT Implant – Your partners for simple, fast and accurate implant planning
  • User-friendly, intuitive implant planning
  • Seamless integration from the SICAT Suite into VisionX
  • Open interface: DICOM, STL
  • Chairside drilling template production possible
  • Implant planning with SICAT Implant 2.0.20 now possible

Maximize Your Diagnostic Capabilities

  • Innovative 7” touchscreen provides clear text & symbols to guide you through all functions
  • Integration available with exocad & SICAT for implant planning and surgical guide designs
  • Simplified patient positioning & overall imaging time thanks to double laser alignment for 3D scans & triple laser alignment for 2D scans
  • Clearly verify implant, root or jaw fractures, hyperplasia or dysplasia needs
  • Includes new state of the art and powerful VisionX software with implant visualization
  • VisionX features three different 3D views (Panoramic, TSA, MPR)
  • Clearly identify and mark the mandibular nerve canal
  • Easily measure anatomical structures & export of 3D DICOM data

ProVecta 3D Prime covers the dental region of all patients

  • 1,020 patients were examined in a study from Dr Johannes Krause*
  • The study shows that a volume with a height of 85 mm and diameter of 110 mm is  required for 100% coverage  of the dental region
  • With a volume of e.g.  80 x 80 mm, this means that only around 1.4% of all patients can be covered in full
  • By contrast, the adapted, jaw-shaped volume of the ProVecta 3D Prime covers the dental region of all patients